PS5: the new revised model is already beginning to be seen in Australian stores

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On July 20 we learned that Sony Interactive Entertainment had begun to produce a revision of PS5 Digital Edition under the serial number CFI-1100B; a model with 300 grams of weight less than the original model, known as CFI-1000B, as well as a small change in the screw used for the base of the console. Said review, the serie CFI-11XX, has started to reach the Australian market with the disc player model.

As they advance from Press-Start (via VGC), it is now confirmed that the new revision affects both PS5 with disc reader and the solution without input for physical format, both. This type of practice is very common in all console manufacturers. If we look at the most recent generation, we saw it with Nintendo Switch in 2019 (greater autonomy, different manufacturing process of its processor, which is the same) or PlayStation 4, which did it on numerous occasions by changing internal materials.

On PS5, the most notable and visible change is the screw that we find at the base of the console, which can be stored in it once we have our PlayStation 5 vertically. In addition, the digital model now weighs 3,600 grams; the original PS5 Digital Edition model weighed 3,900 grams. As for PS5 with disc player, its current weight was 4.5 kg, 4,500 grams. We do not know at this time what your CFI-11XX series weight reduction will be.

The PS5 out of stock will continue until 2022; semiconductor crisis

It is to be expected, not in vain, that the CFI-11XX models will begin to arrive in North America and Europe in the next shipments distributed by Sony to the different providers.

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Sony already warned last May that they fear that the lack of stock of PlayStation 5 will extend until 2022 as a result of the severe crisis in the production of semiconductor materials. The main manufacturers are Asian and, due to COVID-19, production and shipping rates have been interrupted on many occasions. The automobile market, graphics cards, smartphones or consoles are some of the most affected.

Fortunately for those hoping to get a PS5 in 2021, Sony says it has enough chips to meet its distribution target for fiscal year 2021, which ends on March 31, 2022. We are talking about 12.5 million chips, given that the sales target for this fiscal year is set at 14.8 million units. In the period from April to June, 2.3 million PS5 consoles have been sold. Since its launch, PS5 accumulates 10.4 million units sold worldwide.

Source | Press Start; via VGC


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