PS5: They compare the new model with the original; key changes and differences

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The new revised model of PS5 (CFI-1100 series) is lighter in weight because has a smaller heat sink. That is the first conclusion that is drawn after having broken up a unit of the console and comparing it with a unit of the original shipments marketed during 2020 and the first half of 2021, the CFI-1000 series. Sony Interactive Entertainment already markets this new iteration in Australia and Japan, which has made it easier for different users to have made a detailed comparison between them.

How are the CFI-1100 and CFI-1000 PS5 different? It’s hotter

Until now, we only knew that the digital model of the new series, PS5 Digital Edition, weighed 300 grams less and had a different screw for the bracket. Austin Evans, known youtuber more useful information about it after importing a unit from Japan. Based on your video and as you have demonstrated with artwork, you have found that the heatsink has significantly decreased in size. That main scale of the plate, before more voluminous, weighed 1,639 grams; The new one, which will begin to arrive in Europe in the near future, weighs 1,368 grams (271 less than before).

This results in a increase in air temperature in the new model in situations of greater stress. Evans’ analyzes are clear: the new revised series (CFI-1100) hovers between 55 and 56 degrees of temperature; For its part, the original reached between 51 and 52 degrees of temperature in identical situations.

Evans concludes that Sony will be able to make PS5 units at a lower cost —Sony recently confirmed that they are no longer selling at a loss; they make money with every unit sold. Not surprisingly, this reduction in manufacturing costs collides with a reduced cooling capacity.

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Lower cooling capacity and lower cost for Sony

And what about sound? Another big concern for many potential PlayStation 5 buyers is fan noise, which is very present in the PS4 generation. This time, the differences are minimal, although they do exist. The original model hovered around 43.5 dB; the new model is quieter, with 42.1 dB.

It is unknown at this point if the new model could present problems due to this increase in temperature peaks. Soon it will be the community itself that offers its experience after several weeks of use.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition They are available worldwide, although the lack of stock will continue until 2022. Sony says it has enough chips to meet its distribution target for fiscal year 2021, which ends March 31, 2022. To date, they have sold 10 , 1 million units worldwide.

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