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Recently, the hype for the new virtual reality headset, PSVR 2 coming from the bucket of Sony has stormed all technology freaks. The new headset is supposed to support the PS5. So, when is the new PSVR 2 dropping on the world of technology? Here is everything we know so far. 

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Sony is known for innovations and now it’s gearing up to drop another bomb – the next-gen PSVR 2 headset specially designed for Playstation 5. Recently, social media got loaded with some rumors about the specifications and pricing of the new PSVR and it has simply blown the minds of the tech freaks. So, if you are one of them, waiting for PSVR 2, make sure to read the complete article as we have covered everything we know so far on the latest PSVR coming up this year. 

A few days back at the CES 2022, Sony stunned all tech fans confirming that it is ready to drop the latest headset named PSVR 2, which will be accompanied by the latest sense controllers. Sony unveiled tons of the major details about the upcoming headset revealing that it will come up with a 4K HDR OLED screen, which will support wide-angle view and foveated rendering. It seems Sony is ready to continue the incredible PSVR series as the first one got an insane response from the users as it dragged cheap and easily accessible VR to gaming. 

With the official confirmation about PSVR 2, the fans are really very curious and they have stormed the social handles of Sony with a bunch of questions. The main question that is coming from the tech freaks is what is the latest technology that Sony will be using to justify the purchase of a new PSVR? And what all features will Song instill into the new one making it better than the first one? 

If you are one of them who have multiple questions on the PSVR 2, make sure to navigate through the complete article. As we have covered all the verified news, rumors, specs, price, and more about the upcoming PSVR 2. 

PSVR 2 Release Date – When Will It Be Available?

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The hype around the new PSVR is getting to new heights with each announcement. PlayStation has officially mentioned the new PSVR on its Blogspot. However, Hideaki Nishono, the Senior VP of Platform Planning and Management has revealed that there is a lot of work going underway and the development of the new VR system is still under process. So, the fans will surely have to wait a bit more before getting hands-on PSVR 2. 

But if we consider the point of view of Sony, we will notice that the company is more dedicated to getting more customers. They are into marketing campaigns promoting the product and igniting hype for it. We have seen the first PSVR landing after a long wait of three years after the PS4’s release. So, the release date of PSVR 2 is still unclear without any official announcement from Sony. 

As per Techradar, the first bunch of games announced to be dropping to PSVR 2. These will surely be Low-Fi by Iris VR and Pavlov Shack by Vankrupt Games. Jim Ryan, the Washington Post revealed that the potential market for the latest PSVR 2 is unimaginable. It seems with every day passing the hype is getting bigger and the tech freaks are craving for the launch of PSVR 2. 

As per our assumptions, a ‘Holiday 2022’ release of the latest PSVR 2 will make a lot of sense for both the company and the users. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for an official announcement for Sony. 

PSVR 2 Price – How Much Will The New PSVR Cost?

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As of now, neither Sony nor PlayStation has revealed any updates on the price of PSVR 2. However, speculating the new technology used and other hardware components we can assume a price for PSVR 2. 

We know that the original price of the complete PSVR bundle is $499, which is slightly on the higher side as per the customer reviews. So, PSVR 2 being an advanced version can come up with a price range between $500 to $700. However, this price may look a bit expensive for most of the audience. But Sony can justify the price of the latest PSVR 2 using premium technology and a bag full of exclusive features. So, let’s wait to see at what price Sony initially launches PSVR 2. Make sure to stay tuned as we will be the first to deliver you all the fresh news about PSVR 2. 

PSVR 2 Specifications – What Features Will It Bring?

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At CES 2022, Sony revealed the complete specification list of PSVR 2 to create hype among the users. So, here is a complete detailed explanation of what the new PSVR is bringing – 

Sony has used the OLED display in PSVR 2 with a panel resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, 120 Hz. The new PSVR will come up with a field of view of around 110 degrees. While it will include the major sensors like motion sensors – gyroscope, accelerometer, and more. It will also bring 4 cameras for headset and controller tracking with an IR camera for eye tracking. The cherry on the cake is the USB Type-C port and built-in microphones and other features. Though Sony has not yet revealed the technology used to create PSVR 2, we can expect a bomb dropping this year. 

PSVR 2 Controllers 

The introduction of PSVR was a boom for the users. The original PSVR received an incredible response from the fans and now it’s time for something bigger. The new PSVR 2 will be getting an insane upgrade in terms of looks, technology, and performance. 

The controllers of PSVR 2 will bring a couple of baton-like handles with a plastic wrap around them. The company will use the same adaptive trigger setup used in the present DualSense PS5 pads. The latest PSVR will also feature finger-touch detection and feedback options. As per the statements of Hideaki Hishino these features will make sure that the users will be able to make even more natural gestures with the use of hands during gameplay. 

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