PSVR: PS5 games are said to offer VR modes as an option

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At a conference with developer studios, Sony is said to have revealed more details about its upcoming VR headset for the PS5. Accordingly, the controllers of the as yet nameless new PSVR system support finger tracking: They can recognize the position of the fingers even when they are not on the controller.

First of all, the Youtuber PSVR Without Parole reported that Trade magazine UploadVR has confirmed the report. At the event, Sony gave developer studios a first impression of the expected specifications and the strategy of the new PSVR headset, which Sony surprisingly announced in February.

With the new PSVR system, Sony would like to move away from separate VR titles, as they currently shape the game landscape of virtual reality, according to the report. Instead, future blockbuster titles are to be delivered in a mode for traditional screens and an alternative mode for virtual reality. Players should then decide which of the two modes they want to play when downloading.

Such games are already available with “Resident Evil 7”, “Hitman 3” and “No Man’s Sky”, among others. For the developers, the parallel development of two different modes should mean a certain amount of additional effort, the financial return of which should not justify the work in every case: “Resident Evil 8”, the successor to “Resident Evil 7”, came without VR mode .

Many other titles, including hectic action games played from a third-person perspective, are probably out of the question for an optional VR mode. On the other hand, it is questionable whether VR highlights such as “Half-Life: Alyx” could fully exploit the peculiarities and advantages of virtual reality if they had to be designed for traditional games with a gamepad on the television at the same time.

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From previous leaks it is already known that Sony’s new VR glasses have a display with 4000 × 2040 pixels, which corresponds to 2000 × 2040 pixels per eye. The OLED display should support HDR and have a field of view of 110 degrees. A mixture of automatically scaling resolution and foveated rendering should ensure sharp graphics at good frame rates – only those areas are rendered in full resolution that the eyes are directed at.

Sony’s new PSVR system will no longer hit the market in 2021, the manufacturer has already confirmed. There are still no official product photos of the headset or the revised controller. The first PSVR system for the PS4 has sold more than five million times and is considered the most successful VR headset to date. In the past few years, however, there were hardly any major titles for PSVR.


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