Psychonauts 2: Schaffer says "There are no plans" for a third installment

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Despite having earned the right to be considered one of the pleasant surprises of this current year 2021, it does not seem that Double Fine is up to the task of giving Raz a new opportunity. The inclusion of Psychonauts 2 and its good reviews have placed it as one of the great releases of the summer, but according to Tim Schaffer, “there are no plans” for a third installment, although it does not rule anything out entirely.

Not without joking, Schaffer has spoken about the future of the saga in an interview with the medium The Gamer. “Have you completed 100% of the game yet?” He asks sarcastically. “So you can’t ask for a third game, it took us five years to create it and you already say you have finished it.”

Wanting something new

But the mythical creator gets more serious when talking about that hypothetical third installment, which for the moment it seems that it will not come, at least in the short term. “There are no plans right now for the third,” says Schaffer. “There are no rules or anything like that, we don’t close the door or something. I think the team and I are looking to create something completely new. We love these characters too, and psychic worlds are easy to expand on future adventures, but nothing is planned now. “

Remember that the first Psychonauts was released no less than 16 years ago, making it clear that Schaffer and his team at Double Fine take it easy when expanding a saga. In fact, it is clear when reviewing their history that they like to try totally new things constantly, since other good games from the studio like Brutal Legend O Broken Age they have not seen a sequel, nor is it expected.

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“We have a handful of things that are great,” says Schaffer. “They’re just prototype things, and we have some new ideas that none of them are something anyone has ever heard of.”

At the moment we can enjoy Psychonauts 2, which is already available on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and PC, being included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Source: The Gamer


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