PUBG will be free to play from January 2022

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After the rumors that emerged this past summer, finally PUBG It will go to the free to play format starting in January, in the face of Hurricane Fortnite, which has only left Call of Duty: Warzone standing in the battle royale. So far costing 29.99 euros -although it was included months ago in PS Plus-, the game that made the genre popular It will be completely free from the 12th Specifically, although there will be ways to contribute economically to the sustenance of the game.

PUBG Corporation He has been flirting with the idea of ​​taking his game to free to play for some time now, a decision that finally came into effect two days ago. This, according to the company, will give “the opportunity to expand the community even further and be able to bring the excitement of the game to the whole world, while providing new friends, faster matchmaking and to be honest, more goals to shoot for. our existing player base. “

Free, although there is small print

As we said before, there will be an optional payment option. Will be a single payment of 12.99 euros that will give access to more content than the free version, which will have very severe restrictions. For example, this payment It will give the possibility to access the competitive mode with rank, since the free to play version will only offer friendly games, which will require a single subscription to Battlegrounds Plus, which will be what this will be called, to be able to play competitive games.

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Battlegrounds Plus will also offer other benefits, such as a temporary experience boost, the ability to create and play custom games, and in-game items such as hats, masks or gloves. Those who already have the game will access Battleground Plus automatically, with all its benefits, in addition to having some more extras.

PUBG will be free to play from January 12 on all platforms where it is available.

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