Puerto Rican Singer Bad Bunny Makes History with Spanish Cover of Time Magazine

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The talented Bad Bunny has achieved yet another milestone in the entertainment industry. The Puerto Rican artist is the first in the 100-year history of Time magazine to appear on a cover entirely in Spanish. In the upcoming edition, he is seen donning black, white and gold accessories with a flower as the main accent. The headline reads “The World of Bad Bunny”, with a quote from the artist stating, “I’m not going to do anything else for you to like it.”

Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is the most streamed artist on Spotify for the third consecutive year. The Time magazine interview explores the artist’s upbringing, fame, success on Spotify, tour, “Un Verano Sin Ti”, the reggaeton movement, his historic performance at the 2021 Grammys, politics and cinema.

The 27-year-old opens up about his family life, stating that he is the eldest of three siblings and began his musical career at home by producing his first songs. Despite his success, he maintains his connection to his family, and when he returns home, everything is “just the same”, and his father does not act differently towards him.

Bad Bunny acknowledges that the competition in the industry has increased, sharing that each time he releases music, thousands of other artists are also releasing new tracks. The album “Un Verano Sin Ti” won the Best Urban Music Album category at the Grammys, and the singer also opened the awards ceremony by performing his song “El Apagón” in Spanish. He has since achieved record-breaking earnings of $435 million for his tours in 2022.

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Moreover, the Puerto Rican artist believes that reggaeton records should also address social issues rather than only focus on street violence or drug trafficking. He shares that although the government of the United States has failed Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico has also failed itself.

Bad Bunny’s feature on the Spanish cover of Time magazine is a major achievement not only for himself but for the Latinx community as a whole. It represents a step toward greater recognition and representation of Spanish-speaking artists in the mainstream media.

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