Putin is ‘entirely too healthy’, says CIA chief

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During a presentation at the Security Forum in Aspen (Colorado, USA), the head of the CIA, William Burns, referred this Thursday, July 21, to a subject on which there have been numerous rumors and reports: the health of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. It has been said that he has cancer, that he is very swollen due to the use of corticosteroids, that he underwent surgery in May and resorted to deep fake so that his absence would not be noticed, and even that he suffers from Parkinson’s or all kinds of psychiatric disorders. Some have even pointed to the date of death in 2023 or 2024.

Burns, who probably has more information on the subject than 99.99 percent of humanity, said there is actually no hard evidence to suggest that Putin is sick. “There are many rumors about President Putin’s health. As far as I can tell, he is too healthy,” Burns said, before clarifying that his statements do not imply “a judgment of the intelligence services,” but only a personal opinion.

However, Putin’s health is always in the eye of the storm. This Thursday the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, once again had to deny rumors in this regard, describing as “fake news” any comment about a possible illness of the man who ordered the invasion of Ukraine. The latest alarms went off when Putin coughed in public after back from Iran Peskov said Putin coughed because the air conditioning was too strong.

Let’s go back to Burns, who was the US ambassador to Russia between 2005 and 2008. The CIA director added some information about the invasion of Ukraine that may be interesting. For example, he said that Putin based his attack on ideas that the Ukrainians would not resist, which were “deeply wrong.” Ukraine is not a real country. He believes that it is his right, Russia’s right, to dominate Ukraine.”

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Likewise, he estimated the total of dead Russian soldiers at around 15,000, and the wounded at 45,000, numbers that he considers “quite significant.” Burns conceded that “the Ukrainians have also suffered, probably a little less than that.” However, the war “has come at a great cost, and it has been very painful for both sides,” he said.

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