Putin: Russia is undisputed leader in combat aviation

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed this Sunday the quality of nationally produced combat aircraft and has assured that Russia is the “undisputed” leader in this matter worldwide.

“When it comes to combat aviation, everyone knows very well that we are undisputed leaders in this sphere,” Putin said, adding that Russian combat aircraft “are not only competitive, they are the best in the world“.

The president, who is meeting with representatives of the United Russia party in Moscow this Sunday, stressed that the development of the aviation sector is one of the priorities “unquestionable“of the country. According to the president, this would facilitate the air connection between the cities of the country, since many passengers are forced to make a stopover in the capital to reach other cities.

Regarding the new generation Russian passenger plane MC-21, the president confirmed that its construction was delayed for half a year due to a lack of supplies from foreign partners, who resigned to fulfill their commitments “under the pretext” of various “political issues”.

“Unfortunately, this caused a delay of 5-6 months in launching the line of this plane. But it will come out, and even with better quality, “Putin said in reference to the composite materials of the aircraft wing.

The MC-21 is a mid-range airliner created by Rostec companies. It will be produced with both Russian PD-14 engines and American PW1400G engines, which are now undergoing certification testing.

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