Quantum computers: application, technology, programming

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Quantum computers: application, technology, programming

Quantum computers are considered to be an important technology of the future. They promise to solve problems in seconds on which traditional supercomputers counted centuries. But how do you count on something as indefinite as quantum states? How do you build a qubit? Do we need post-quantum cryptography now? What is quantum supremacy all about? And where can quantum computers be used today?

The new iX Special “Quantencomputer” answers these and many other questions on over 160 pages. If you want to deal with the topic in more detail, you will also learn how classic and quantum programming differ, in which languages ​​and with which frameworks quantum software is created – and what you can do with a RasQberry.

The booklet shows how to access simulators and real quantum hardware at Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft via the cloud. It explains how quantum annealers solve complex optimization problems, how quantum computing drives machine learning and why the question of quantum superiority is so difficult to answer. There is also an extensive glossary, a hand-picked collection of further literature – and an article on the state of quantum computing in Germany.

The iX Special “Quantum Computer” is now available free of charge in the Heise shop as a PDF and as a printed booklet as well as in well-stocked magazine stores. iX subscribers receive the booklet as part of their subscription.

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