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Queen Elizabeth II and the secret behind her wedding ring that few know – El Comercio

From an institution like British royal family it is normal that there are secrets that the public will never know. But it does not stop surprising that today, 70 years after his reign began, unpublished details about the Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. And we are not referring to the private sphere, but something that he always wears like his wedding ring.

A piece of jewelery that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has never taken from her hand since her now-late husband, Philip of Edinburgh, put it on during their marriage. A ceremony held in November 1947 that, in addition, it was the first wedding royal transmitted live and direct on BBC radio to more than 200 million people on all continents.

The gold ring did not cost a penny to the Duke of Edinburgh, who asked to have it forged for his wife based on a huge nugget of gold that he received as a gift from the people of Wales for the occasion. What no one knew is that the moment he took it to the jeweler, Philip of Edinburgh asked him to engrave an inscription inside that only Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom knows what it says.

This was revealed by the writer Ingrid Seward, author of the book Prince Philip: A Portrait of the Duke of Edimburgo (Prince Philip: a portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh), an authorized biography of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom that was published on October 29, 2020 in England and contains previously unknown data from the Duke of Edinburgh such as this message on the ring.

“The queen has never removed her ring, hence no one has ever been able to see what the duke put inside of the same”Seward states in his book. “The only ones who know this secret are the queen, her husband and the teacher who recorded Felipe’s request”, explains Seward, who also affirms that Prince Felipe participated actively in the ring with which he asked for the hand of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

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