Queen Elizabeth II has not banished Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: here is the proof

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The Queen isabel II seems to be returning to normal after a year locked up in Windsor Castle, in Windsor, far from London. On Wednesday, Her Majesty, 95, held an audience with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, at Buckingham Palace. This was their first in-person meeting since lockdown measures were first implemented amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The monarch moved after so long to her official residence, Buckingham Palace, to speak with Johnson. In an official photo of the meeting between the two British leaders in @TheRoyalFamily revealed a side table in the background with a framed portrait of Prince Harry, 36, and his wife Meghan Markle, 39, suggesting that His Majesty has not banished the couple despite their resignation in 2020..

The snapshot of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex looked like a rare shot from their 2017 engagement photoshoot. In the image set in a silver frame, the Duke has his arm around his wife’s waist, as she supports her hand on his chest. Meghan wears a pale blue dress, while Harry wears a blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie.

Harry and Meghan’s photo is along with a snapshot of Kate Middleton and the prince William, both 39, as well as an official portrait of the Queen’s 90th birthday with the Prince carlos. The reports of the Sussex photo alongside other photos of the royal family comes while waiting for Prince Harry to arrive in London for the unveiling of the statue of his late mother, Princess Diana.

In the next few hours, the Duke of Sussex is expected to arrive in British territory to be present at the royal event scheduled for July 1. Harry’s journey is believed to be speedy at Meghan’s request. The Duchess of Sussex would not want to spend so much time alone with the children and would have told her husband to honor the engagement and return immediately.


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