Queen Elizabeth II moved to Sandringham with Prince William and Kate Middleton


It was found that Queen Elizabeth II moved to Sandringham House a few days before Christmas Eve and will not return to Buckingham Palace until 6 February.

Queen Elizabeth II swapped Buckingham Palace for Windsor Castle, while her heir, Prince Charles, lives with Camilla at Highgrove House, her country house in Gloucester, rather than Clarence House, her official residence in the British capital. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not part of any of the risk groups and currently reside not in Kensington Palace but in Anmer Hall, the house they have in Norfolk.

There they are studying for the moment their two eldest children, Princes George and Charlotte, who like the rest of the British children have not yet resumed their face-to-face classes, and perhaps to prevent William and Kate from happening to the same thing as to that famous BBC correspondent who saw how his entire family sneaked into the news after breaking into his office, Queen Elizabeth II decided to give them Sandringham House as a workplace, from where last Tuesday Kate Middleton was seen making a video call to thank the nurses for their effort in the fight against the coronavirus, Vanity Fair reported.

Located a few kilometers from Anmer Hall, Sandringham House was acquired by Queen Victoria and is famous for being the mansion in which the British royal family spends their Christmas holidays. Queen Elizabeth II moved there a few days before Christmas Eve and will not return to Buckingham Palace until February 6, when the monarch commemorates the anniversary of the death of her father, George VI.

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In this month of January, therefore, Sandringham House remains empty, which has allowed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to have extra space to continue with their official agenda while the confinement measures decreed in the United Kingdom last.