“Queen Letizia embarks on eighth cooperation trip, landing in Cartagena de Indias”

Queen Letizia has arrived in Colombia for her eighth cooperation trip since her husband, Don Felipe, was proclaimed monarch. She landed in Cartagena de Indias early on Tuesday morning and was greeted by First Lady Verónica Alcocer with an affectionate hug. The Queen will remain in the South American country until Wednesday to observe Spain’s developmental and poverty-fighting work and sustainable human development in the area firsthand.

Doña Letizia’s agenda is packed with official acts that will provide her with insights into various areas of societal development. On Tuesday, the Queen attended a meeting at the Spanish Cooperation Formation Centre in Cartagena de Indias. She visited the Villa Hermosa neighborhood’s drinking water supply and household sanitation programme along with the first lady and was honoured with a lunch by Colombian President Gustavo Preto’s wife.

Later, Doña Letizia visited the facilities of Cartagena de Indias workshop school, Santa Catalina’s bastion, and met with the Spanish aid workers who operate in the city. On Wednesday, the Queen’s cooperation trip takes her to Cali, where she will learn about the eco-friendly Ecomún-Cecoespe coffee plantation.

The Queen’s visit to Colombia is her second encounter with Verónica Alcocer in just over a month. The first lady and her husband, Colombian President Gustavo Preto, visited Spain on a state visit at the beginning of May, where they were entertained with a fantastic gala dinner with the Kings at the Royal Palace.

During her trip, the Queen will gain a better understanding of Spain’s work in the areas of health, governance and gender equality, rural development and food security. She will also be able to see the implementation of peace agreements that strengthen social rule of law, with a focus on working with the ethnic, indigenous and Afro-descendant population; sustainable economic development, social cohesion, and the fight against violence against women.

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Queen Letizia’s visit is a testament to Spain’s commitment to providing assistance to those in need and contributing to sustainable global development. Her trip underscores Spain’s continued dedication to making a positive impact in the world and fighting poverty in the developing world.

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