Quotation Gang Movie Release Date Trailer, and Cast

Quotation Gang Release Date

Vivek Kumar Kannan, who directed Arun Vijay and Ritika Singh in the 2016 picture Boxer, is at the helm of the upcoming Indian ensemble piece Quotation Gang. Gayathri Suresh, the film’s director Vivek, and Vivekananthan G. co-produced the movie under the labels Filminati Entertainment, Whistleman Films, and Sri Guru Jothi Films. 

The next Tamil film, Quotation Gang, makes extensive use of quotations. Priyamani, Jackie Shroff, Sunny Leone, and Sara Arjun are set to star in this Vivek K. Kumar film. When is the Quotation Gang release date? Let’s find out.

Quotation Gang Movie 2023

Vivek K. Kannan is behind the camera for the upcoming mystery-thriller film Quotation Gang. Sunny Leone, Jackie Shroff, Priyamani, Sara Arjun, and Gayathri Reddy all play important roles in the group. In what is thought to be a full-length, action-packed drama, they fight for their rights and bring out dark secrets. 

The announcement of the Quotation Gang release date is imminent. K.J. Venkatramanan did the editing, and Arun Bathmanaban did the cinematography. Drummer Shivamani wrote the entire original score and score accompaniment. A gangster movie shot in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam, Quotation Gang is Vivek Kumar Kannan’sKannan’s most anticipated pan-Indian film to date. 

Locations in Kashmir included Dal Lake, Mumbai, and several other cities. The director Vivek recently told the media that filming was done the week before and that the next step would be post-production in Mumbai.

Quotation Gang Release Date

After the first look and the stunning official teaser, the developers have decided to announce the trailer, the sound, and the release date again. The studio released the most riveting sneak peek at the upcoming criminal thriller on March 30, 2022. The first look poster features Jackie Shroff, Sunny Leone, Priyamani, and Sara Arjun over four images, each of which is captioned with the actress’sactress’s or actor’sactor’s character name. 

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The film poster shows the main character injured and beaten, with an intimidating expression on his face. The official teaser is a superb edge-seat thriller, a gang war criminal drama packed with action and conversation, and the mafia look of all the players makes it tough for fans to wait much longer for the Pan India Film.

Cast & Crew

Quotation Gang Release Date

Sunny Leone, Jackie Shroff, Priyamani, Sara Arjun, and others star in Quotation Gang. Filmmakers Vivek K. and Gayathri Suresh, and Vivekananthan collaborated with Whistelman Films to create this feature film, which they directed. Arun Bathmanaban did the cinematography.

Quotation Gang OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

The movie Quotation Gang is centered on strong, independent women in modern-day Mumbai. The name “Quotation Gang” comes from the slang term for a group of criminals from the Indian state of Kerala.

The movie hasn’t been released yet, and the producers haven’t said who will own the digital rights after it’s been shown in theaters. Details will be made public by the creators. The Indian film industry will make the crime thriller Quotation Gang available in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, among other Indian languages. Shortly, the movie will be available to the public. 

The on-demand Quotation Gang release date will be announced once the film has premiered in theaters. The Quotation Gang movie has been picked up by Netflix and will be available for streaming on their site after it has finished its theatrical run. However, the creators have yet to make a public statement.

The First Teaser For “Quotation Gang” Has Arrived

When people talk about Bollywood, Jackie Shroff is inevitably brought up because of how many roles he has played and how fashionable he is. The internet is on fire about the new Jackie Shroff teaser for the movie Quotation Gang.

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The only thing this teaser has going for it is Jackie Shroff’sShroff’s stunning new look. This Quotation Gang will star Jackie Shroff, who had previously starred in successful Tamil films like Aaranya Kaandam, Kochadaiiyaan, and Bigil. The true story of a gang centered in Kerala inspired this film directed by Vivek.K. Kannan. Many people have been taken aback by Jackie’sJackie’s intense and rough appearance in the trailer. 

Even the teaser has built up so much excitement; we can’t wait to see it in theaters. Over the decades, Jackie Shroff has consistently wowed us with his superb acting. We can’t wait to see Jackie Shroff in this new guise because he always gives his best in his performances. We do not doubt that, like all of his previous roles, this one will have a lasting effect on moviegoers worldwide. 

Quotation Gang Release Date

Based on the teaser, it seems that the film will mostly focus on gang violence, internal politics, and criminal activity, with some emphasis on feelings and betrayals. Three gang members are seen in the preview.

Producers of the next multilingual film, Quotation Gang, have posted a teaser trailer online. Starring Jackie Shroff, Sunny Leone, Priyamani, and Sara Arjun, this film boasts an impressive cast. The preview sheds some insight on quotation gang members, and the images suggest that violence, internal politics, and crimes committed by these gangs will be the dominant topic, with emotions and betrayals serving as secondary themes. 

Vivek K. Kannan wrote and directed the crime drama hyperlink. Cinematographer Arun Bathmanaban shot the film in Kashmir, Mumbai, and Chennai, and it has music by Drums Sivamani and editing by KJ Venkataraman. Cast includes Ashraf Mallissery, Jaya Prakash, Akshaya, Pradeep Kumar, Vishno Warrior, Sonal Khilwani, Kiara, Satinder, and Sherin.

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