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Rachel Lindsay's Estranged Husband Claims $10K Spousal Support Isn't Enough

Rachel Lindsay’s Estranged Husband Claims $10K Spousal Support Isn’t Enough
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Rachel Lindsay‘s estranged husband says he’s going to need way more spousal support than the reality TV star is proposing, claiming his expenses are draining his bank account.

Bryan Abasolo—who Rachel married after her stint on “The Bachelorette”—is scoffing at the $9,882 she’s offering to pay him every month.

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Bryan says he needs $16,275 in spousal support, explaining, “After I pay monthly expenses there is nothing left.”

Bryan says all of the profits from his chiropractor business are going towards bills, including car, insurance, food, entertainment, and other expenses. He contends that the money Rachel is offering simply isn’t enough for him to maintain their marital standard of living.

What’s more, Bryan says Rachel was not blindsided when he filed for divorce in January, as she claims in her latest declaration. He accuses her of making a PR play to garner public sympathy.

While Bryan says he wants to settle their divorce amicably, things seem pretty icy. He says he’s been crashing with friends as often as possible to avoid the “toxic environment” in their marital home.

Bryan even claims Rachel changed the passwords on their TV and internet so he can’t access them.

Source: TMZ