“Radio 10 welcomes Polimeni while El Nueve goes federal with new programs”

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Changes are coming to the grid and the dial, as the Government obliges cable operators to include two new channels in their grids. The “must carry” obligation will add informative programming to every channel, with at least 12 hours of live transmission. El Destape Sin Fin and Canal E are the new channels that must be added.

El Destape Sin Fin is the channel of journalist Roberto Navarro, who already owns the digital newspaper El Destape and the radio station of the same name. It was inaugurated at the end of October last year and has a studio that has 10 robotic cameras and another 10 cameras arranged in the newsroom of the El Destape web portal. The journalist Roberto Navarro will take El Destape to TV on the side of the economic signal.

Canal E belongs to the Perfil Group of the Fontevecchia family, and is in charge of its journalistic director Néstor Sclauzero, and under the command of CEO Sebastián Beltrami. It has been created to meet the growing demand for updated information on financial markets and economic trends at a local and global level. The signal plans to cover all kinds of economic topics, from breaking news to in-depth analysis of the stock markets, investments and financial strategies. Various noteworthy figures and specialists will be a part of this new channel.

Meanwhile, Radio 10 has added Carlos Polimeni to its programming, and he will lead La medianoche con Carlos Polimeni. The journalist, also a writer, expressed his excitement about the new journey. The renewal of Radio 10’s programming aims to become strong in this election year. In addition, Diego Brancatelli and Carolina Resch will lead a cycle of trips in a new docu-series on the screen of El Nueve, where they will visit various provinces of Argentina to get familiar with the nation’s life stories.

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These changes are part of the ever-shifting world of media and TV, keeping viewers up-to-date and offering a variety of programs and channels to choose from.

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