Rafael Cardozo and Angie Arizaga criticize Yahaira Plasencia’s comments about André Carrillo

Some days ago, Yahaira Plasencia became a trend in social networks for the comments he gave about André Carrillo. The sauce boat said that she likes the footballer “with all the creams.”

But nevertheless, Angie arizaga Y Rafael Cardozo placeholder image They criticized the singer for pointing out that she likes one of her ex-partner’s best friends, Jefferson Farfan.

“Yahaira said that he likes Carrillo with all the creams, yes Carrillo, he from the Peruvian National Team. Farfán’s best friend, but how is Yahaira going to talk like that about his ex’s best friend “, Cardozo commented on the radio program “El Búnker”.

“When they say with ‘all the creams’ it reminds me of a salchipapa … I suck even my fingers, that’s what she must have referred to”, added.

For his part, Arizaga commented that Yahaira Plasencia should have spoken in another way about his ex-partner’s friend. “I think he went out of his mind when he said ‘with all the creams’, I would surely say that he is nice (Carrillo)”, sentenced.

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