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Rainbow Six: Extraction is coming in 2022; reasons for delay

Rainbow Six: Extraction will arrive in january 2022. The cooperative shooter delays its initial launch, scheduled for September 16, 2021. Its managers issue a statement where they allude to the need to have more time to carry out the vision they have in mind.

Change of plans

“Our ambition with Rainbow Six: Extraction is offer a complete AAA experience may it change the way you play and think about cooperative games ”, Ubisoft begins on its official website. “With unique features like ‘Missing In Action’ or ‘The Sprawl,’ each mission is built to be a tense and challenging experience where you lead the elite Rainbow Six operators to battle a deadly and evolving alien threat.”

They take this delay as an “opportunity” to “make this vision a reality in the way it deserves”. “We are confident that this will ensure that Rainbow Six Extraction is the immersive, cooperative and exciting experience that we want to create, and one that you want to play in,” they conclude.

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We know that it will have cross-play and progression functions between systems from different families. Rainbow Six Extraction was one of the star games from Ubisoft’s presentation during E3 2021. It was there that we could see their new playable material, which you can reproduce in the header of this news.

“The game is designed to mix the tactical components of Siege and the cooperation between friends to be able to advance in maps that are divided into three zones. Each of them has a different objective and we can do the extraction whenever we want ”, we said in our last hands on. “If we move into a new area, it will be more challenging but it will have more rewards. And that is based on choosing an operator who varies among them according to their skills and working as a team ”.

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