Raising Kanan: Everything Episode 3 Will Reveal On StarzPlay

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Power Book III: Raising Kanan is the new furor series of Starz. The spin-off none other than Kanan Stark, played by 50 Cent In the original version, it has already captivated the public since its arrival on the platform. It is set in the 90s and tells us about the adolescence of this character in relation to his mother Raquel Thomas, leader of a drug gang from the South Jamaica, in Queens.

As the chapters go by, things get more tense in this series. Because while Raq initially understands that the best thing for his son is to get away from his business entirely, the 15-year-old eventually agrees to be part of his group. But, of course, making this decision has no turning back and will have its consequences.

All about Raising Kanan episode 3 on StarzPlay

Already from chapter 2 the detective Malcolm Howard He comes to gain greater prominence and shows his position with respect to Raquel. The detective is determined to end up with Kanan’s mother and, in fact, in one of his conversations with Unique, he maintains that she “It’s one of the worst things that ever happened to the South Side”. Now, ‘Nique could get more and more involved in this goal.

In any case, Raq will try to take care of her back however it is and who it is. But that will not be all. Also, there may be more details about the truth about the Buck shooting. One of the premises of this series has to do with secrets and, without a doubt, the “reap what you sow” will once again haunt each of the characters due to the actions of the past.

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When does Power Book III episode 3: Raising Kanan premiere?

The series premieres a new episode every Sunday and this August 1st will be able to see in Latin America the third in StarzPlay. On the other hand, the original series is also available Power with all its seasons and also the first spin-off called Ghost, which is based on James St. Patrick’s son, Tariq.

How to access Starzplay in Latin America?

Starzplay’s premium streaming service is available at Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil in the application of Starzplay, in Mexico by Amazon, Izzi, Roku streaming players and Roku TV ™ models, Totalplay and Cinépolis Klic and throughout Latin America through Apple TV channels.

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