Raising Kanan: Everything That Could Happen in Episode 6

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Raising Right is the second spin-off of the well-known series Power, which ended last year after six seasons aired since 2014. The story of Kanan Stark, about the friend of Ghost Turned into his arch enemy, he places us in the early 90’s with a young man who is just beginning to navigate the drug trafficking business of South Jamaica, commanded by none other than his mother Raquel Thomas. This Sunday the show premiered its episode 6 in StarzPlay and we will tell you all the details.


In the previous chapters of Raising Right, the situation between Raq and ‘Nique she was already getting more and more tense. Raquel was determined to confront him at all costs to win the battle, although he, of course, was not going to be left behind either. Now, in this new episode, his brother Lou could get to negotiate with ‘Nique and who if this approach will not end in treason. Meanwhile, Raq will also have another focus: Greesy.

Just as he says that in the trailer, the only objective is for him to “regret” having upset the lady from South Jamaica. However, it is not the only problem that Raquel must face now that Malcolm Howard he knows that Kanan Stark is his son. All the secrets can finally come to light and unfortunately for Raq until she waits for him, as the detective is ready to tell the young man the truth. Can Kanan forgive her?

Will Raising Kanan have a second season?

Fans of the universe Power they can be happy because Power Book III: Raising Kanan will have a second chance with a new installment. This was reported before its brand-new episodes will be released in July. On the other hand, the first spin-off about Tariq, son of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, will also enjoy a season 2. If you do not know this incredible television saga, then, do not waste any more time and watch them on StarzPlay where are all the chapters available.

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