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By: Justin Puptez

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Ramattra is a Tank hero in Overwatch 2. Released on 6 December 2022, Ramattra is the 36th hero added to the game.


Ramattra is a dual-form hero. His omnic form lets him protect his teammates using a staff as his weapon, while his Nemesis form transforms him into a larger and more menacing threat, where he marches down on the enemy team.


Ramattra’s abilities include Void Accelerator, Void Barrier, Nemesis Form, Pummel, Block, Ravenous Vortex, and Annihilation. These abilities allow him to switch between forms and utilize a variety of offensive and defensive tactics to support his team and take down enemies.

Weapons and Abilities

Ramattra’s Void Accelerator is effective for mid/long-range “poke damage” due to no damage fall-off. His Void Barrier provides a temporary shield with a short duration, while his Nemesis Form grants bonus armor and changes his attacks. Pummel allows for quick melee attacks, and Block significantly reduces damage taken from the front. Ravenous Vortex creates a slowing vortex on the ground, damaging enemies within and pulling them downward. Annihilation transforms Ramattra into Nemesis form and creates a deadly swarm that lashes out at nearby enemies.

Match-Ups and Team Synergy

Ramattra’s match-ups and team synergy vary depending on the hero he is facing. For example, against D.Va, Ramattra can turn the tables by switching to Nemesis Form when she gets close, while with Winston, he can use Void Barrier to prevent healing to the enemy support. Team synergy with Ana involves utilizing the Nano Boost and Annihilation combo to blitz enemy teams.


Ramattra’s gameplay style differs in accordance with his form. In his omnic form, Ramattra is good at ‘poking’ the enemy, whereas his Nemesis form is designed for close combat. Players have to choose when it is best to use the Nemesis form, such as rushing the enemy. Also, his shield is only up for 4 seconds so use it as a flash shield, to counter ultimates. His greatest strength is chaining together attacks with his team, like Sigma’s ultimate, Ravenous Vortex, and Nemesis form to quickly eliminate groups. He can also protect himself and his team from big, quick damage, with Void Barrier and Block.


Ramattra’s release on 6 December 2022 has brought a new dynamic to the Overwatch 2 game, offering players a versatile hero with unique abilities and playstyle. With the ability to switch between forms and a range of offensive and defensive tactics, Ramattra is a valuable addition to the game, providing players with new strategies and team synergies to explore.

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