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Randy Tillim: The Man Behind Savage Garage

Randy Tillim

Randy Tillim, also known as Savage Garage, is well-known for his car-related YouTube video series Savage Garage. In it, he enjoys riding in exotic cars the way they were intended to be driven and having fun with his friends. The Savage Garage YouTube channel has over 625K subscribers, and Randy regularly uploads new videos to keep them entertained.

The CEO of Clarus Merchant Services and a well-known YouTuber is Randy Tillim. Tragically, Randy Tillim, aka Savage Garage, passed away on Friday, April 15, 2022, and the news was formally announced by publishing an Instagram post on Savage Garage’s official Instagram account. 

The entertainer’s death saddens many; most of his fans are astonished by it and are looking up Randy Tillim’s cause of death online. To learn more about him and his passing, continue reading.  

Who Was Randy Tillim?

Randy “Savage” Tillim was a fan of supercars, a businessman, and a well-known YouTuber in the automotive community, thanks to his channel Savage Garage.

He received his degree from Harvard. He completed coursework in corporate finance, management, and business administration.

On the Savage Garage YouTube channel, launched in 2019, Randy was frequently spotted with famous people and people working in the automotive industry. They bonded over their love of super and exotic cars.

According to Dexerto, Randy was the CEO of Clarus Merchant Services and reportedly owned other businesses.  

Randy’s Death 

No information can cast any light on the events leading up to the sports car enthusiast’s passing. Yet, several other reports claim that he died due to a catastrophic automobile accident in which he was supposedly engaged. This knowledge was obtained from a wide range of sources. 

His Savage Garage Instagram account just shared a post honouring and remembering someone who recently passed away.

“We must inform you with the sincerest regret and unfathomable grief that Randy “Savage” Tillim passed away late on Friday, April 15, 2022,” it read. We must do so with the utmost regret and unfathomable sorrow. We were all taken entirely and totally by surprise when he passed away. 

Please pass along our sincere condolences. In every way that is even remotely conceivable, this catastrophe defies comprehension. We have enjoyed getting to know many excellent people, but Randy stands out as one of the most straightforward, sincere, and kind individuals we have ever met. His legacy will survive forever since he had a positive and long-lasting effect on everyone he interacted with. This made an excellent first impression. 

Randy will always be regarded as a great friend and a pioneer in our community. Everyone will sincerely miss him. May you rest in peace and be strong.

We sincerely ask for discretion so that the family may grieve the terrible loss they have experienced. We will communicate any additional details relating to the Celebration of Life once the plans have been finalized, ” the statement said. 

Randy Tillim’s Fascination For Super Cars

Savage Randy Savage Tillim was known for his passion for motorsports and fast cars.

He uploaded a video to his YouTube channel titled “1 Pullover, 1 Crash, and 1 Breakdown! The Savage Rally Has Officially Started!” only 48 hours before he passed suddenly. 

Randy Tillim’s Wife

The full name of Randy Tillim’s wife is Ana Maria Terrasa-Tillim, and that is how people refer to her. The first time Randy and Ana met was when they were both students at the same university, and Ana would eventually become Randy’s wife. When they first set eyes on one another, it seemed they had both experienced love at first sight.

After classes, they began dating and would spend their free time exploring new locations, including theme parks, Disney World, and other sites. After a prolonged romance, the two decided to get married, and their chats quickly became heated. 

Net Worth 

The Sports Grail estimates his net worth to be $2 million. His business, Clarus, earned between $9.6 and $9.5 million annually.

His employer still needs to disclose the precise sum of the salary he receives. With his position as CEO, it is likely to be about $788,000, according to’s assumptions.

His annual pay is anticipated to be around $850,000, given that he has been employed for over twenty years. 


Fans and those who know Randy Tillim in the supercar world have used social media to remember his love of cars and pay tribute to his legacy in the wake of the devastating news of his loss.

His leadership at Clarus Merchant and commercial triumphs were well-known. The business community was shocked to learn of the passing of this multinational magnate. He was a moneymaker and passed away with considerable wealth.

His YouTube channel is known by the name Savage Garage. More than 627 thousand people subscribe to his channel, and he is well-liked among auto enthusiasts.

In the videos he posted to his account, he has been seen driving supercars and chatting about the automobiles in his collection. Many of his followers and people interested in cars watched these films.

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