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Ranking Every Lost Episode from Worst to Best

Ten years ago, Lost broadcast its final ever episode.

Six years earlier, its first season following survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 after they crash on a mysterious island somewhere in the South Pacific became one of the most-watched shows in TV history. The season two premiere was watched by a staggering 23.47 million viewers and it even went on to pick up the Emmy Award for Best Drama.

What ensued became part of television history. While Lost may have dropped millions of viewers over the years, it secured a cult fan base that hadn’t been seen since The X-Files and has rarely been seen since. Its many mysteries, ensemble of intriguing characters, and jaw-dropping twist endings kept its core viewers on the edge of their seats right through to the divisive ending.

To celebrate the finale’s anniversary, we’ve ranked every single episode.

113. Homecoming – Season one, episode 15

Even co-creator Damon Lindelof dislikes this episode. It’s the one that does Charlie dirty by making him even more annoying than Ethan, a villain trying to abduct a pregnant woman.

112. Stranger In a Strange Land – Season three, episode nine

Infamously bad. Jack’s tattoos get explained in the show’s most pointless flashbacks. The island stuff (Isabel the sheriff) is thrown by the wayside the moment it ends. The whole thing feels like it was written by someone who has never seen a Lost episode.

111. Fire + Water – Season two, episode 12

Charlie at his whiniest. It’s Lost at a low ebb and features several moments that feel supremely out of character (see: Locke attacking Charlie).

110. Special – Season one, episode 14

For an episode that sparks a storyline designed to run through the remainder of the season (the raft launch), “Special” is anything but, and feels disappointingly throwaway.

109. What Kate Does – Season six, episode three

“What Kate Does” fails to convince the viewer the flashsideways scenes are going to be worth their time. The island events feel thinly drawn, but thankfully, it’s the worst the unfairly-maligned final season gets.

108. Recon – Season six, episode eight

By far the weakest Sawyer episode, even if his flashsideways scenes are among some of the final season’s best. Everything else lacks here, though demented Claire trying to kill Kate as “zombie” Sayid watches on is an offbeat delight.

107. The Other Woman – Season four, episode six

One of Lost’s most formulaic episodes that tries to earn our trust of Daniel and Charlotte even though we could clearly trust them all along.

106. Further Instructions – Season three, episode three

Despite this episode’s ambition (that airport vision Locke has is a beautiful misfire), it feels like the writers are struggling to find their feet between the season two finale and the brilliant stuff to come later on in season three.

105. The Greater Good – Season one, episode 21

Despite some interesting Sayid flashbacks, “The Greater Good” falls victim to being the episode that comes off a run of five belters.

104. Meet Kevin Johnson – Season four, episode eight

Lost was never on its best form when the majority of an episode was dedicated to a flashback. This particular outing, which fills the viewer in on Michael’s whereabouts since he sailed off with Walt, fits in too much and tacks on Danielle Rousseau’s death.

103. Hearts and Minds – Season one, episode 12

Not a terrible episode; just one of the very few season one adventures that feel like treading water until we get to the good stuff.

102. Born to Run – Season one, episode 22

Has the tough task of putting the pieces in place for the impeccable season one finale, and doesn’t pull it off too well. Purely exists to make up the numbers.

101. The Glass Ballerina – Season three, episode two

We didn’t really need an episode focused on what happened to Sayid, Sun, and Jin after they sailed off in search of The Others’ camp at the end of season two. However, it paves the way for a crucial moment in Sun’s story when she becomes a killer.

100. What Kate Did – Season two, episode nine

The one where Kate sees a horse in the jungle. Sporadically poor – Kate thinking the spirit of her father has possessed Sawyer is a dud idea – but is saved by some magnificent Locke and Eko scenes, and one of the best cliffhangers of the season.

99. The Package – Season six, episode 10

Does well thrusting importance back onto Sun and Jin, despite having lots to wrap up before the series finale. Stands out for a touching late-stage scene involving Yunjin Kim and Matthew Fox.

98. Whatever the Case May Be – Season one, episode 12

The cat-and-mouse aspect between Kate and Sawyer is fun, but there’s no denying it’s pure filler and frustrating due to the fact it comes after a mega cliffhanger.

97. Adrift – Season two, episode two

The fallout of Walt’s dramatic kidnapping at the end of season one decreases in quality with each watch despite some killer Sawyer lines.

96. Something Nice Back Home – Season four, episode 10

Includes some melodramatic Jack and Kate moments within their flashforwards, and Jack demanding he conduct his own appendectomy on the island is so hilariously Jack that it doesn’t even irk.

95. The Cost of Living – Season three, episode five

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje asked to be written out, so Mr. Eko’s rushed conclusion isn’t entirely the writers’ fault. Still, the climactic showdown between Eko and Smokey is a gut punch, boosted by the preceding interplay between Agbaje and Adetokumboh M’Cormack.

94. The Moth – Season one, episode seven

There are some fantastic Locke and Charlie scenes among an episode that’s pretty average by Lost’s standards.

93. Abandoned – Season two, episode six

Once you get past Sayid and Shannon getting it on, there’s some good stuff here – namely Shannon’s surprisingly emotional death.

92. Lighthouse – Season six, episode six

Jack’s haters are given reason to dislike the “broken” spinal surgeon all over again thanks to this frustrating episode, which sees him battle with the discovery that he’s been led to the island his entire life.

91. Some Like It Hoth – Season five, episode 13

Lots to like here – the numbers being embossed on the Swan station door – but it’s all just very filler. Still, Miles is a great character, and it’s terrific to see Ken Leung getting his time to shine.

90. Everybody Loves Hugo – Season six, episode 12

Puts the brakes on the final season slightly, but there are lots of enjoyable moments courtesy of temperamental dynamite and the Hurley-Libby flashsideways reunion.

89. Left Behind – Season three, episode 15

This episode has all the components of a terrific one, but it falls short. The Kate and Cassidy flashbacks are well-meaning but ultimately dry.

88. Ji Yeon – Season four, episode seven

The revelation that we’re watching Jin’s flashbacks alongside Sun’s flashforwards is Lost at its most tricksy.

87. Across the Sea – Season six, episode 15

It’s not that “Across the Sea” is a weak episode; it does an excellent job of filling in the viewer on the island’s history. However, its placement within the final season doesn’t sit right.

86. Sundown – Season six, episode five

Sayid is a bit of a casualty of season six. This episode is the last true time we see him as the character we know and love. The climactic smoke monster showdown at the temple is effective.

85. Tricia Tanaka Is Dead – Season three, episode 10

Loved by many, this episode is more popularly referred to as “the car episode” – it could well be the last one in which all survivors are together on the beach.

84. I Do – Season three, episode six

It’s hard not to be won over by the ending that sees Jack finally take control of his situation to save Kate and Sawyer’s lives.

83. Everybody Hates Hugo – Season two, episode four

Tries to calm things down after the hatch drama with mixed results. Most memorable for that lovely final shot of Rose saving a chocolate bar for Bernard.

82. Every Man for Himself – Season three, episode four

The underrated highlight of season three’s controversial opening mini-season, largely thanks to the second island reveal and Josh Holloway’s Sawyer.

81. The Lie – Season five, episode two

A sturdy, if completely ridiculous, episode that sees Hugo run amok around Los Angeles with an unconscious Sayid.

80. Maternity Leave – Season two, episode 15

Kate and Claire trek to the medical station. The overload of exposition threatens to derail it.

79. Catch-22 – Season three, episode 17

The on-island antics involve a tense boys trip into the jungle. It doesn’t get much better than the shocking opening sequence.

78. Confidence Man – Season one, episode eight

Shannon loses her asthma inhaler so Jack and Sayid torture Sawyer. Slightly farfetched.

77. …and Found – Season two, episode five

A low-key best-written episode of the entire second season.

76. Tabula Rasa – Season one, episode three

A very decent episode that picks up the seeds planted in the two-part pilot.

75. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham – Season five, episode seven

This episode should be better; Locke attempting to convince everyone to return to the island struggles to live up to expectations.

74. Dr Linus – Season six, episode seven

It’s odd to see Ben on the back foot, so this episode takes some getting used to.

73. Namaste – Season five, episode eight

One of those hectic episodes that puts things in place for the final stretch of the season.

72. The Last Recruit – Season six, episode 13

An air of finality encroaches upon this episode, which effectively raises the stakes and officially sees Jack accept his destiny.

71. Collision – Season two, episode eight

Packed with character reunions.

70. Eggtown – Season four, episode four

The big Aaron reveal at the end of this episode wins me over.

69. Raised by Another – Season one, episode 10

Some intriguing flashbacks and a killer Ethan twist make this one of the early greats.

68. Numbers – Season one, episode 18

Memorable moments and the first time a bunch of characters stray quite far from camp together, making everyone want to go back and see if they could spot the cursed numbers in every previous episode.

67. House of the Rising Sun – Season one, episode six

Jin used to be such a bad dude! Huge and brilliantly-deployed revelation regarding Sun’s ability to speak English.

66. ? – Season two, episode 21

A discovery of yet another hatch rocks Locke’s faith in the button. The episode falls victim to coming just after one of the most gut-wrenching endings in Lost history.

65. Solitary – Season one, episode nine

Our introduction to Danielle Rousseau. The whispers at the end are fun, as is “the first – and hopefully last – Island Open.”

64. Jughead – Season five, episode three

An oddity of an episode that’s high on Desmond and Richard Alpert – a guaranteed watchable hour of television.

63. LA X – Season six, episode one and two

The tough job of presenting the flashsideways makes season six’s opener victim to its ambition.

62. White Rabbit – Season one, episode five

Our first foray into Jack’s past with his father, a relationship closer to the heart of the series than we could have ever thought at the time.

61. The 23rd Psalm – Season two, episode 10

Charlie and Eko have many cool moments and the big smoke monster scene is a gem.

60. Par Avion – Season three, episode 12

The best of Claire’s episodes. Standout flashbacks and memorable scenes.

59. …In Translation – Season one, episode 17

The start of the Jin evolution.

58. A Tale of Two Cities – Season three, episode one

Introducing Juliet, the future greatest character.

57. One of Us – Season three, episode 16

A briskly-paced episode featuring some crucial Others details courtesy of Juliet’s flashbacks.

56. Confirmed Dead – Season four, episode two

Nikki and Paulo aside, Lost always nailed character introductions, and this episode was firm evidence of that fact.

55. S.O.S. – Season two, episode 19

One of the most charming Lost episodes that places long-awaited flashbacks on Rose and Bernard.

54. The Whole Truth – Season two, episode 16

Five words: “You guys got any milk?” – one of the show’s greatest final scenes.

53. Not In Portland – Season three, episode seven

Juliet takes center stage revealing how she became one of the Others.

52. Ab Aeterno – Season six, episode nine

The mystery around Richard Alpert’s immortality gets answered in suitably epic fashion.

51. D.O.C. – Season three, episode 18

The one where we learn whether Sun conceived on or off the island and offers our first introduction to parachutist Naomi.

50. Three Minutes – Season two, episode 22

Pure finale build-up, but the Others stuff is great.

49. Whatever Happened Happened – Season five, episode 11

Miles’s explanation of the time travel situation they’re all in is the best explanation of time travel.

48. Dave – Season two, episode 18

A cultish thrill ride.

47. Follow the Leader – Season five, episode 15

The one where Jack finally settles on a purpose – setting up the season five finale adeptly.

46. Outlaws – Season one, episode 16

No TV show has used the game of "I Never" to get across motivations of its characters as successfully as Lost.

45. The Little Prince – Season five, episode four

A really fun one! Notable scene of Jin meeting a young Rousseau.

44. He’s Our You – Season five, episode 10

Sayid meets a young Ben, decides to put a bullet in his chest. Lost at its coldest.

43. Do No Harm – Season one, episode 20

Marks the first death of a main character, Boone, while also introducing Aaron’s birth.

42. Orientation – Season two, episode three

The climactic exchange between Jack and Locke encapsulates the button faith vs. science story perfectly.

41. Enter-77 – Season three, episode 11

A throwback episode following Sayid, Kate, and Locke.

40. Because You Left – Season five, episode one

Sets season five’s time-hopping tone perfectly.

39. Dead Is Dead – Season five, episode 12

Ben Linus is always a treasure.

38. The Economist – Season four, episode three

Of all the characters that would leave the island, Sayid’s story had the bleakest outcome.

37. The Long Con – Season two, episode 13

A tropical island version of Hustle starring Sawyer.

36. The Candidate – Season six, episode 14

Killing off three main characters, effectively gets everyone where they need to be emotionally for the final episodes.

35. The Beginning of the End – Season four, episode one

Marks the last time all characters are in one place before they split into team Jack and Locke.

34. Greatest Hits – Season three, episode 21

Uses Charlie’s impending death to tug at the heartstrings with poignant memories.

33. The Hunting Party – Season two, episode 11

Terrific showdown establishing the Others as a terrifying force.

32. Lockdown – Season 2, episode 17

The episode with the blast door map and some dramatic food drops.

31. 316 – Season five, episode six

A mammoth episode, exemplifying that Lost had no time to waste in its penultimate season.

30. What They Died For – Season six, episode 15

A hugely emotional penultimate episode setting things in place for the finale.

29. LaFleur – Season five, episode seven

The Sawyer and Juliet reveal ranks as one of Lost’s most heartwarming moments.

28. The Variable – Season five, episode 14

The 100th episode, filled with tragic storytelling that benefits from rewatching.

27. This Place Is Death – Season five, episode five

Charlotte tells Daniel he’s the “scary man” – and the first proper revelation of the four-toed statue.

26. Pilot – Part 2 – Season one, episode two

The viewers get a perfect sense of the characters and dynamic within the group.

25. All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues – Season one, episode 12

This episode combines fast-paced action with crucial flashbacks about Jack.

24. Happily Ever After – Season six, episode 11

Vintage Lost, connecting flashsideways to island events in a gratifying way.

23. There’s No Place Like Home – Part 1 – Season four, episode 12

Reconnection with survivors’ loved ones in a pinch-yourself moment.

22. The Other 48 Days – Season two, episode seven

A format shakeup showcasing the first 48 days from the tail-end survivors’ viewpoints.

21. The Substitute – Season six, episode four

Featuring Terry O’Quinn’s remarkable performance as the Man In Black.

20. Pilot – Part 1 – Season one, episode one

Lost sets the expectation for an extraordinary series in its opening 10 minutes.

19. One of Them – Season two, episode 14

A tense episode featuring Sayid’s defiance against Jack’s wishes to torture the mysterious Henry Gale.

18. Live Together, Die Alone – Season two, episode 23 and 24

Exploring Desmond’s rich backstory while concluding some of the series’ big mysteries.

17. Exposé – Season three, episode 14

An inventive, Twilight Zone-style episode that’s memorable for its positive twist on an initially disliked storyline.

16. Cabin Fever – Season four, episode 11

Catnip for Locke fans, with a cliffhanger line that promises more twists.

15. Flashes Before Your Eyes – Season three, episode eight

A bold, format-changing episode blending time travel and emotional weight.

14. The Man Behind the Curtain – Season three, episode 20

Ben’s interaction with an empty chair in Jacob’s cabin provides one of the best-acted scenes in the series.

13. The Incident – Season five, episode 16 and 17

A feeling of doom pervades this intense Lost season finale.

**12. The Brig – Season three, episode