Raquel Sánchez: good people do not go to tax havens or the Netherlands

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The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, said on Sunday that the PSOE “works” for “good people”, which is the one who “does not go to tax havens or Malta or the Netherlands”, in veiled allusion to the decision of Ferrovial (BME:FER) to move its registered office to the Netherlands.

In an act of the party in Malaga, Sánchez has stressed that the “good people” are those who “if they do some accounting engineering it is precisely to be able to make ends meet and not to evade taxes.”

“For those people we work,” he said, for people who “have problems”, who “do not live in palaces or luxury apartments”, who do not have high-end cars or go to “private dermatologists”.

“We represent the real people, the good people who work every day to have a decent salary and job, which is not precarious,” he said.

In this conference on housing in Malaga, the minister also explained that the Government is “very close to being able to take to the Official State Gazette” (BOE) the first state housing law.

The new legislation, he detailed, will allow “protect the public housing stock” and control the increases in rental prices, “will put a brake” on large holders and will offer advantages to small owners who put their flats on the market at an affordable price.

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