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Rashida Jones Felt 'Instant' Bond with Co-Star in 'Strange' Apple TV+ Series

Rashida Jones Felt ‘Instant’ Bond with Co-Star in ‘Strange’ Apple TV+ Series

Rashida Jones has returned to our screens in the mystery thriller series, Sunny. The ten-part series marks a significant departure from her comedic roles in The Office and Parks and Recreation. This time around, Jones takes on the role of Suzie.

Set in Kyoto, Japan, Suzie’s life takes a dramatic turn when her husband and son disappear in a plane crash. While grappling with this devastating loss, she receives Sunny – a robotic domestic helper created by her late husband’s electronics company. Initially, the relationship between Suzie and Sunny is fraught with tension, but they eventually form an unexpected bond. Together, they begin to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding her family’s disappearance.
© Apple TV+ – Rashida Jones as Suzie and Hidetoshi Nishijima as Masa in Sunny

In an exclusive interview, Rashida revealed what attracted her to the character of Suzie. “I got sent a beautiful mood board and playlist, along with a bunch of scripts. By the time I finished reading everything, the world of the series was fully concocted,” she said.

“I thought it had a lot of heart – it was strange and original, and it was unlike anything I had ever played before. I loved the idea of playing an outsider, something I had never really done before,” she added.

“There were a lot of interesting motifs throughout the show, and I liked the way they were handled with dark humor and a bit of wryness. Also, I really enjoy mystery thrillers, and I’ve never had the chance to act in one before.”

After securing the role of Suzie, Rashida met her co-star Hidetoshi Nishijima, who plays her on-screen husband Masa. The Japanese actor first connected with Rashida via Zoom, leading to a meaningful friendship.
© Apple TV+ – Rashida loved how “strange and original” the scripts were

Asked about how they built their on-screen chemistry, Rashida joked, “Well, we lived together for a year… no, I’m just kidding!

We got to know each other a bit over Zoom because it was still mid-Covid when we first met. We didn’t meet in person until the week you [Hidetoshi] came out for the Oscars. Sometimes, a connection is just instant, and that’s what happened with us.”

For Hidetoshi, the feeling was mutual. “It’s very strange. Despite only interacting through screens, I was able to understand and capture Rashida’s personality, talent, passion, and her generosity,” he shared.

“Our first encounter was on Zoom, but we connected immediately. We found ourselves giggling and laughing, creating an instant bond.”

Sunny is available to stream on Apple TV+

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