Raúl Romero and his overwhelmed “emotion” when announcing his return to the stage

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Raul Romero confirmed its participation in the Reactívate Festival, the event that will take place in person on August 14. The national singer shared the good news to his thousands of followers with a unique video posted on his Instagram profile.

In the video of a few seconds, Romero appears wearing a blue coat and, apparently, cries with emotion as he gives the information about the Reactívate Festival.

“Reactivate on August 14, after a year and a half I will be able to play with you, with the public, with the people. It has been a very difficult time for artists, not being able to have contracts, not being able to be together ”, comments the interpreter of “Las Torres” and “Magdalena”.

After that, Raúl asked his more than 200 thousand Instagram followers not to forget to separate an appointment on August 14. “I’m going to play on August 14, set the date because I’m waiting for you. I don’t know if you have understood anything, but I am very excited ”, ended.

In just a few hours, his clip has more than 36 thousand reproductions. In the comments his fans celebrated the news, but were also confused because they do not know if Raúl is really crying or just pretending to do so.

“Pucha, I thought I was really crying”, “Bravo, you will finally come back”, “Drama queen”, “You scared me”, “Beautiful”, “You are the best, I’ll go just for you”, “Oh no, I do I think he cries ”,“ Arriba Perú Romerito ”,“ The effect of the vaccine. The most ”,“ First you worried me, but then I laughed a lot. A hug, see you on August 13 “, are some reactions from his fans.

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The musical event will be attended by Armonía 10, Raúl Romero, Deyvis Orosco, Amen, Bareto, Surco Stereo Band, Libido and Zaperoko. From July 16 to 31, the ticket prices are: VIP Box for 8 people at 800 soles, General Box for 8 people at 600 and Tribune for 4 people at 300 soles.

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