Rauw Alejandro clarifies a great doubt about his hit Todo de Ti

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Rauw Alejandro clarifies a great doubt about his hit Todo de Ti

Raw Alejandro He gave us one of the hymns of the summer, and we have the same one that almost all his listeners have.

Is about Everything about you, the Puerto Rican’s new single that has become a hit.

Since the end of May, the song has accumulated more than 105 million views in Spotify. His funny video, in which the legend of the NBA Shaquille O’Neal, already exceeded 100 million views.

Without a doubt, he is surely dancing and singing like us, but there is a part of his lyrics that has opened a debate.

“Is it speeding up, speeding up or speeding up my heartbeat? @Rauwalejandro serious question”, asked a follower … and Rauw finally clarified it!

Check out his answer and all the details in the video above.

And the big question: Is it dedicated to Rosalía?


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