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The actor’s performances in Justine, #BlackAF, The Artist’s Wife, and Ode to Joy are the most well-known. All of his work is produced by him, including directing and editing. On February 12, 2011, Ravi Cabot-Conyers was born in the US. His efforts on Justine, NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and House Hunters Family: When Kids Go House Hunting have earned him recognition. Black Excellence, Ravi’s new company, is currently under development. He plays the part of Cam Barris in the satire structure on Netflix.

Cabot-Conyers’ weight and height remain within normal ranges. Although his body estimate is currently unknown, he is a healthy child developing normally. He also has wavy black hair and damaged eyes.

Right now, Ravi Cabot-Conyers doesn’t have a personal Wikipedia page. According to his profile, he is an American native of New York. The nationality of Ravi Cabot Conyer is American. He also owns a multiethnic property. 

Ravi Cabot Conyers Family

Christina Cabot and Charles Conyers are Ravi Conyers Cabot’s parents. Producer, screenwriter, and director Charles is his father. His mother, Christina, is a successful American actress as well. He has a younger sibling as well.

His identity and other information are unknown, though. In any case, his mother is teaching his siblings to be actors personally. 

Ravi Cabot Conyers Career

As was already said, Ravi Cabot-Conyers received his first national advertising before the age of four. After that, the actor starred alongside Chris Hayes in the 2015 film All In. After performing in advertisements for a while, Ravi started landing increasingly prominent jobs. On Saturday Night Live, the actor participated in the “Kids Talk Politics” segment, which Dave Chappelle hosted. 

Ravi debuted on Saturday Night Live before making an appearance in The Resident. Ravi was popular with the actors and staff of the show, and there were photos of him having fun with them. He also appeared as Leo in two episodes of the suspense drama Tell Me a Story. Ravi Cabot-Conyers will play Gogo in the recently released film The Artist’s Wife, which stars Academy Award winner Bruce Dern. 

Additional Details Regarding Ravi Cabot Conyers

Although Ravi has been performing since he was a little child, he also likes to create short films by animating, directing, and writing them.

The little actor can be seen performing on his still-developing YouTube account; editing and animation effects demonstrate the child’s promise. Ravi Cabot-Conyers has a sister who is roughly four years older than him. Ravi is a mixed-race individual because his father is African-American, and his mother is Caucasian.  

At the infant age of four, Ravi started his career in the entertainment industry. His first paid position was in a band-aid advertisement. Since then, he has made several television appearances. In 2016, a young actor named Cabot-Conyers made his television debut on NBC. He then made an appearance on the program House Hunters Family.

He recently received a part in the Netflix series Black Excellence. He portrays 8-year-old Cam Barris in a Netflix comedy series. The fortune of this man is under examination. He will, however, accumulate a sizable wealth because he has a promising Hollywood career ahead of him.

Even at a young age, Ravi developed a talent for voiceover work and built a strong animation resume. They include recurring parts on HBO Max’s undisclosed project and Get Rollin’ With Otis on Apple+. But Antonio, in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Encanto, was his most outstanding performance. The youngest member of the Madrigal Family receives his infectious passion and spirit. Buchwald (animation), Edge Entertainment Management, and Paradigm are Ravi’s agents (theatrical).

Is there a Social Media Presence for Ravi Cabot Conyers?

Ravi Cabot-Conyers, a frequent Instagram user, posts pictures of his most recent excursions and original ideas. The actor’s acting credits, a link to his YouTube channel, and other links can be found in his Instagram bio. Keep any doughnuts hidden if Ravi is close because he also claims to enjoy cupcakes.

Has Ravi Cabot-Conyers Dubbed any Voice?

Disney’s Encanto has become a worldwide phenomenon, and some songs have topped the Billboard charts. In Disney’s Encanto, Ravi Cabot-Conyers portrayed Antonio, the youngest member of the incredible Madrigal family.

What Movies has Ravi Cabot Conyers Acted in?

  • Joy’s Ode
  • Wife of an Artist
  • Justine
  • Encanto

As the actor’s notoriety increases, he will likely spend more time on social media. He presently has just over 966 YouTube subscribers and 12.9k Instagram followers, but he is actively looking into all avenues for success—of course, with the guidance of his seniors.

On his channel, he collaborates with several well-known YouTube stars. No matter the platform, Ravi Cabot-Conyer is a performer. He is gradually becoming more prominent on social media. The young actor also has a Twitter account with 276 followers called @officialravicc, where he just commented about the donations he made to the WorldWildlife Fund and the Trevor Project using the money he made from his IG Live Stream.

Ravi Cabot Conyers- Profile Summary

Ravi Cabot Conyer is one of the most well-known young performers and was raised in the home of writer and producer Charles Conyer and famous American actress Christina Conyer. His reputation increased when he played Antonio in the well-known Disney film Encanto.

Ravi Cabot-Conyers’ height and weight remain within normal ranges. Even though his body estimate is currently unknown, he is a healthy child developing normally. He also has flowing black hair and stunning black eyes. 

When he was only four years old, Ravi Cabot-Conyers confidently entered the entertainment business. His confidence and camera presence were undoubtedly aided by the fact that both of his parents work in the profession. His first position as a specialist was in the bandage sector. He has been in a few television series since then.

In 2016, the young entertainer appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. With this, Cabot-Conyers’ television career got underway. From then on, he was a regular on House Hunters Family: When Kids Go House Hunting.

In 2020, he was also given a role in the Netflix parody Black Excellence. He assumes the part of 8-year-old Cam Barris in the satirical Netflix production.  

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