Raw Alejandro Gave Rosalia a Very Romantic Gift on Valentine’s Day

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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have been able to pamper each other this February 14th. The couple, whose relationship seems to be getting more and more serious, has celebrated this Valentine’s Day in the most original way possible. Can you imagine having underwear with the face of your girlfriend or girlfriend? Well, this is how the Spaniard surprised the Puerto Rican, nothing more and nothing less than with underpants that have his face stamped. So that he never forgets who owns his heart.

For its part, Raw Alejandro boasted of Rosalía’s gift on the networks, which also included other garments with her face, and her followers could not believe it. Rauw Alejandro was very grateful and shocked by the details of his girlfriend. “They don’t know how much this woman makes me laugh. He always finds a way to make me smile no matter what day I’m having. The most extraordinary person I have ever met. The best companion that life has been able to give me,” he said in networks. “With her, I want to learn and continue growing until I am an old man with 105 years. Hopefully, I will be by his side at that age, rocking in the chair in front of the house, talking about everything we live and everything we achieve, if life wants it,” he said.

“I always ask God to take care of all the evil around us. But I know that everything will always be fine because you are my angel, my light from heaven in this world of darkness. I live for you, I die for you, I kill for you and my loved ones. I had never done this, but it doesn’t matter a fuck! Let anyone who reads me know that you are the love of my life. I love you, Rosalia,” he concluded. But the Puerto Rican did not have this message and prepared surprises for his “muse”, as he called her in a publication where he showed that he had the singer a room full of balloons, candles, and roses to celebrate in a big way the love they have.

What did Rauw Alejandro Give Rosalía?

In the photographs you can see an appointment that Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro had, while they are in an elevator and also the most special surprise that she prepared for the Spanish: He filled a room with balloons and red roses with candles, while in the background, upon receiving it, the song “Aquel Nap ZzZz” was reproduced, which the Puerto Rican wrote and dedicated to Rosalía.

In his previous post, Rauw Alejandro expressed what his girlfriend means to him. In one part, he wrote: “With her I want to learn and continue growing until I am an old man with 185 years and hopefully I will be by her side at that age, rocking in the chair in front of the house, talking about what we live, about what we achieve, if life wants it.”

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