Razer announces it will release professional version of RGB face mask Zephyr

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Razer introduced Project Hazel, a smart mask project with N95 filters, at CES 2021, the technology fair held last year. In a later announcement, Razer announced that the name of the mask was determined as Razer Zephyr.

Razer said that as part of the CES 2022 fair held this year, the professional version of the Razer Zephyr will also be produced, and this new mask, called the Razer Zephyr Pro, will include audio amplification technology that will prevent your voice from being muffled when wearing a mask.

Razer, The VergeHe told . that the Zephyr will have the same battery life as the Zephyr Pro and the weight of the mask will not change.

Razer also announced that it plans to sell the Zephyr Pro for $149.99, but the bundle that combines the Razer Zephyr Pro and 99-day replaceable N95 grade filters will retail for $199.99. Razer also confirmed that the filters it sells for the Zephyr will work fine on the Zephyr Pro model as well.

Taylor Lyles is editor at MRT.

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