Reactions and memes without spoilers from the expected premiere of Black Widow on Disney +

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Finally came the day! Black Widow came to the screen of Disney+ with the premiere of the long-awaited Marvel movie with Scarlett Johansson. The film, which can also be seen in theaters, generated huge expectations from its announcement and finally today it is available to all fans of the world. The launch already generated all kinds of reactions on social media and also memes. Check out the best ones without spoilers!

The film is the first of Phase 4 of the MCU and ended a long hiatus of more than two years without films in the franchise. To watch it streaming you will have to pay the Premier Access, which is around $ 30 depending on your country of origin. In this modality it will be available until July 23 and from August 25 it will be free for all subscribers. Another great option is to return to the theaters to enjoy the production on a giant screen.

The first reactions showed emotion before the premiere, but also sadness for Scarlett’s departure from Marvel. The actress has already warned that this will be the last project in Kevin Feige’s company and that she does not know if she will return. Anyway, Disney has already relocated it and recently confirmed that it will produce another film.

After debuting in Iron Man 2 as the Black Widow, Johansson will step down from her iconic role. Instead, the film’s director Cate Shortland confirmed in a conversation with Deadline that Florence Pugh will replace her in the role of Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s sister.

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Another highlight among the fans was that Disney + honored the launch with the image of Black Widow as the cover of the films where the character participated. The Marvel faithful also expressed their joy at having a new premiere of Loki and the announcement of What if …?

If you want to see Black Widow, Loki or all the Marvel content on Disney +, do not miss the opportunity to subscribe to the streaming. Here is the link where you can do it very easily.

The best memes after the premiere of Black Widow on Disney +

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