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Readers' Face Photos: About Face Gallery

Readers’ Face Photos: About Face Gallery

The latest challenge focuses on the fascinating subject of faces. Capturing the essence of a person through their facial expressions can be a formidable task, even for seasoned photographers. The face, often considered the window to the soul, demands not just technical skill but also an emotional connection with the subject.

Experienced photographers know that eliciting a natural and engaging expression from their subjects is crucial. Building a rapport with the person being photographed is key to making them feel comfortable and at ease. When subjects are relaxed, their true personalities shine through, resulting in more compelling and genuine photographs. Five readers submitted a total of 15 photos for this challenge, showcasing excellent examples of this nuanced art form.

Janet Baniewich from Billings, Montana, captured a delightful moment with her Nikon D3300 DSLR camera. Her 3-year-old grandson, Max Holland, was photographed during a swimming lesson at a local pool. Despite being drenched, Max’s face lit up with an infectious, broad smile, perfectly illustrating his sheer joy and fun.

Not all expressions are necessarily joyful. Carrie Walker of Stockton turned her lens to the subtle emotions found at a wedding reception. Weddings, while generally joyous, can be tedious for younger attendees. Walker used her Canon EOS Rebel DSLR to capture a candid moment of her 6-year-old nephew, Jaxlee Walker. The photograph reveals a poignant moment of boredom displayed on the young boy’s face, providing a quiet contrast to the lively atmosphere of wedding festivities.

Bonnie Huggins took a different approach by using her Samsung Galaxy S23+ smartphone to document a fishing trip on Clear Lake. Her son, Frank, became the subject of her photography. The bright orange-red life preserver Frank wore created a striking contrast against the vivid blue backdrop of the sky and water. The reflective light from the lake illuminated his face, bringing out the details that might have otherwise been lost in the shadow.

For her outstanding photograph, Baniewich was awarded first place, earning a 16×20 print and a $25 gift card to a local restaurant. Walker secured second place with an 11×20 print, while Huggins received an 8×10 print for her third-place submission.

All the entries can be viewed in an online gallery. A new photography challenge topic will be announced on July 8.

This article originally appeared on The Record: About Face: Readers’ photos of faces

Source: The Record