Real estate and insurance companies drag the Hang Seng to the red (-1.21%)

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Real estate and insurance companies drag the Hang Seng to the red (-1.21%)

Beijing, Sep 14 (EFE) .- The benchmark index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Hang Seng, fell 1.21% today, weighed down among other titles by those of real estate and insurance companies.

The selective lost 311.58 points, and thus fell to 25,502.23, while the index that measures the behavior of mainland Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong stock market, the Hang Seng China Enterprises, fell 1.7 %.

Among the sub-indices, there was unanimity in the red: Real Estate led the losses, with -2.22%, followed by Finance (-1.49%), Commerce and Industry (-0.92%) and Services, with losses of the 0.53%.

Insurers did not have their best day on the Hong Kong stock, with Ping An losing 2.54%, China Life losing 1.19% and AIA 0.37%.

Among real estate companies, the day did not allow for celebrations either, with losses of 5.01% for Country Garden, 4.59% for CG Services or 3.13% for China Resources Land, and the rest of the sector ended with the Same sign, with the exception of CK Asset, which grew 0.2%.

In addition to the latter, only the state oil company Petrochina (4.19%), the automotive company BYD (2.89%), the technology company Wuxi Biologics (2.43%) and the pharmaceutical company CSCP Pharma (2.43%) ended today’s session in green. 0.21%).

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the drug distributor Ali Health starred in the hit of the day, with a fall of 6.34%.

The business volume of the session was 140,940 million Hong Kong dollars (equivalent to 18,119 million dollars or 15,323 million euros).

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