Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was just like James Bond after taking the chopper to training

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The interview that the footballer Alexandre Pato has granted to Players’ Tribune is full of surprising and shocking anecdotes derived from his professional career in Europe and, specifically, from his time at AC Milan.

One of the most outstanding has to do with Carlo Ancelotti, who was his coach in the Lombard team for a good part of his career at the club (2007-2013). In addition to revealing that ‘Carletto’ was like a father to him, to the point that the coach named one of his dogs ‘Duck’ in honor of the striker, the Brazilian has assured that from time to time the Italian liked to arrive at training aboard a helicopter, which his wife piloted.

“Ancelotti became a father to me. He even called his dog Duck. Did you see that picture of him on the Madrid bus, with his sunglasses and cigar in his mouth? Well, in Milan I was coming to a helicopter training. He lived in Parma and his wife knew how to drive. He looked like James Bond. If anyone knew how to live in style, it was Carlo,” he said in their candid conversation.

Pato has also spoken with unusual frankness about the lack of control that marked his first months in the United States, after signing for his current team, Orlando City, in February 2021. At that time, the 32-year-old footballer wanted to live in the most opulent and crazy way possible, but after coinciding in a nightclub with a girl who was using cocaine, that fantasy collapsed and led to a radical change of mentality.

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“I wanted the best hotel, the best car, the best parties. I remember one night I ended up in a place where there was a girl snorting next to me. And all of a sudden I said to myself, ‘But what am I doing here?’ I didn’t want to be like this, it was an empty world,” he acknowledged.

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