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Reasons a Humorist Says Not to Wear Sweatpants on Planes

Gary Janetti, a writer known for his work on ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Will and Grace,’ has made waves with his new book of essays, “We Are Experiencing a Slight Delay.” In the book, Janetti shares his disdain for casual attire, especially flip-flops, on airplanes and offers unique travel tips based on his extensive globetrotting experiences.

Janetti delves into his perspective on why travelers should avoid wearing sweatpants on flights. According to him, passengers often look like they are on Day 5 of the flu, having been in bed for a week. He questions the need for excessive comfort on a three-hour flight and argues for a more polished look, suggesting button-up shirts and pants.

When it comes to packing, Janetti is a staunch advocate of carrying only a carry-on, regardless of the trip length. He advises taking three days’ worth of clothes and doing laundry locally to avoid the exorbitant costs of hotel laundry services.

For Janetti, the ideal vacation length is around 11 days. He believes two weeks can be too long, but 11 days strikes a perfect balance, giving travelers ample time to explore and a day to rest.

In the book, Janetti opens with a trip to Italy, filled with hiking and unexpected encounters. Initially hesitant, he ultimately finds joy in meeting new people and embracing new experiences. This theme of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to find unexpected joys runs throughout his essays.

Janetti also revisits familiar places, such as the Greek island Mykonos, where he met his husband 23 years ago. He emphasizes the importance of not making repeat visits too precious, allowing for a relaxed experience without the pressure of recreating the first visit’s magic.

When asked about advice for those who fear international travel, Janetti suggests taking small steps to overcome anxiety, like using medication initially if needed. He encourages pushing through excuses and embracing travel, regardless of language barriers. His secret? Be kind, make an effort, and even consider traveling alone for a truly unique experience.

Janetti’s tips and reflections provide a refreshing take on travel, stressing a blend of preparedness, open-mindedness, and the courage to step into the unknown.

“We Are Experiencing a Slight Delay: Tips, Tales, and Travels” by Gary Janetti is set to go on sale, inviting readers to dive into his humorous and insightful travel narratives.

Source: ABC News