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Rebeca Escribns after Paula Arias forgave Eduardo Rabanal: “It’s terrible” | VIDEO – MAG.

After the singer Paula Arias He decided to resume his romantic relationship with the soccer player Eduardo Rabanal, different personalities of the national spectacle have expressed their opinions on the matter and Rebeca Escribns was no exception.

The host of “América Espectáculos” took advantage of the cameras of her program to comment on the reconciliation of the leader of “Son Tentación” and the Club footballer Carlos A. Mannucci.

“I am not going to give an opinion, but it is terrible that he has returned. Very bad! Only time will tell you if your decision was the right one or not “, said Escribns in the recent edition of his entertainment program.

As it is recalled, the Magaly Medina program broadcast compromising images of Eduardo Rabanal with the mother of his son, María Fernanda Rodríguez.

In images from the “Magaly TV: La Firme” program, Eduardo Rabanal and María Fernanda Rodríguez shared as a family with their youngest son, but the curious thing was when the athlete was affectionate with the woman.

In addition, in the video the woman is seen touching Eduardo Rabanal’s face and in another image they are seen lying next to each other in a recreational park.

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