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Rebeca Escribns on the demand of Juan Víctor Sánchez to Andrea San Martín: “It is a very delicate issue” – MAG.

Rebecca Writes She has not been oblivious to the confrontation between Andrea San Mantín and her ex-partner and father of her daughter Lara, Juan Víctor Sánchez, who has sued the influencer for psychological violence due to the way in which she exposes her daughter on social networks.

The actress also expressed her opinion about it after the issuance of a report in “América Espectáculos” that gave an account of some messages shared by the air extruder on his Instagram account with which It confirmed that the legal process against the host of “La Banda del Chino” has already begun.

“It is a very delicate issue, because what you have to prioritize is communication between parents, whether they are together or not., you always have to consult: ‘Hey, what do you think?’ … And they are already very personal decisions, but you always have to consult (the other father) “she told Valeria Piazza who accompanied her on set.

And it was precisely the model who asked her if she agreed with the fact that, being so small, the girl appears on social networks. “I take care a lot is still part”, Writers said, who took the opportunity to tell an anecdote he had with his son.

“I’ll tell you something quick. When Diego (his son) was little, I used to say to him: ‘Put on the picture, because it’s a cover’, but he didn’t want to and now he claims it from me, then from my own experience, is that I can comment on the subject “, ended.

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