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Rebeca Escribns puts a member of her production in trouble after returning to “América Espectáculos” – MAG.

Rebecca Writes She returned to the conduction of “América Espectáculos” after spending several days on vacation and being replaced by the model Valeria Piazza.

“Hi everyone. Welcome! How ugly is your song, it doesn’t cause you to dance to it (he told his sound engineer). How are you, gentlemen, cameramen. They missed me?”, were the first words of the television presenter.

The entertainment program was running normally until “América Espectáculos” returned from a commercial break. As it was observed, Rebeca was accompanied by her sound engineer, who was adjusting her microphone, the production member wanted to leave the set, but the host did not allow it and put him in trouble.

“This man wants to be touching me because he says that I never have the microphone in its place and that is a lie because I am a great professional. What happens is that the mike bothers me and tickles me, and I put it here “Writes commented with a laugh.

Finally, Rebecca released the production man and he came out a bit embarrassed at being recorded by the television cameras.

It is not the first time that Rebeca Escribns stars in this type of episodes with the members of her team, the show host likes to interact with her production to entertain her viewers.

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