Rebeca Escribns spoke out for Andrea Luna’s reaction to the criticism

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The host of América Espectáculos, Rebecca Writes He said he did not agree with the reaction of the actress Andrea Luna, who exploded on social networks because she received a shower of criticism for kissing the actor Andrés Wiese.

If I am alone and I am not with ‘Ricolas’ as you think. So stop bothering me because I am a woman and I deserve respect. We all deserve respect and because of the fact that I’m a woman, I’m not a f ** … Ok I already said it”Luna is heard saying in the video on Instagram.

And if I want to coat a boy, then I will coat it, and if I want to coat a girl, then I will coat her. If I want to cover two girls, I wash them because it is my life and what about you?”, He added.

After hearing these statements, Rebeca Escribns pointed out that she saw the actress of the missing telenovela ‘Solo una madre’ too dazed and pointed out that it was not the way to clarify her sentimental situation.

Well, quite obfuscated. I am not here to judge anyone, no, it is not my duty and I try not to do it in my day to day as a woman or a mother; Nevertheless, I think that is not the way to respond to criticism or any difficult situation. You have to take a breath and calm down. I do not know exactly what the background of the situation is, but the way we are seeing it and it seems to me is not the right one”, Sentenced the also actress.

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