Rebeca Writes Jean Paul Santa María and Angie Jibaja: “Seek professional help”

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The host of América Espectáculos, Rebeca Escribns showed her concern for the children of the model Angie Jibaja and Jean Paul Santa María, who are in the middle of the conflicts that their parents star in.

This time the crisis arose after Angie Jibaja criticize Romina gachoy for posting hugging photos of her daughter Gia celebrating her birthday.

I can’t take it anymore, Gia is not a posera, my daughter is spontaneous. That hug is a sword that woke me up … I’m going to speak and with evidence. I can not anymore, with the abuse and injustice. I can not with so much evil towards us”Jibaja wrote on his social networks.

Rebecca Writes presented the answer he had Romina gachoy in front of the claims of Angie Jibaja. The latter, assured that the popular ‘Tattoo Girl’ should be grateful because her children are cared for. “I want to live in peace. He sees a happy family photo and rants, he should be grateful that his children are happy“Gachoy said.

Given these statements, Rebecca Writes spoke about the delicate situation that children are experiencing and advised Angie Jibaja and Jean Paul Santa Maria find a psychologist to guide you.

It is a very delicate situation, there are children involved and finally I believe that the mother is the mother. I don’t think Angie should be having a good time, they (Romina Gachoy and Jean Paul Santa María) are not in the middle of the problem, and neither are the children. I suggest that you seek professional help from a psychologist who can guide you. There are many obstacles involved”, Said Escribns.

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I want to add after hearing Romina’s statements when she said: ‘That I should be grateful’. When you do good you should not look at whom and not say it. You have to be careful because they are finally the mother of the little ones. They are in an important transition where they are conflicted with everything that has been happening and surely living in uncertainty. I believe that it is extremely important that they seek professional help from both parties to guide them as parents”Added the show host.

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