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Rebel Wilson Hits Back at ‘Deb’ Backers for Cutting Film from Toronto Fest: WATCH

Rebel Wilson Hits Back at ‘Deb’ Backers for Cutting Film from Toronto Fest: WATCH

When you cross actress and first-time director Rebel Wilson, expect a strong response. Rebel Wilson recently posted a video calling out some of the backers of her directorial debut, *Deb*, who she claims stopped the film from premiering as the closing night film at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

In this emotional video, Wilson expressed her deep frustration and spoke openly about the issues she has encountered with her business partners. She highlighted that her film, an Australian original musical titled *The Deb*, was selected to close the festival, an incredible achievement, especially for a first-time female director.

While the joy of being selected for such a prestigious platform was significant, the subsequent actions by her business partners were devastating. Wilson mentioned that the business partners turned around and said the movie couldn’t premiere, a situation she described as beyond heartbreaking.

According to Wilson, the troubles date back to last October when she discovered inappropriate behavior by these business partners. In her video, Wilson specifically named Amanda Ghost, Gregory Cameron, and an executive producer named Vince Holden. She accused them of inappropriate behavior toward the lead, as well as embezzling funds from the film’s budget—funds that were desperately needed for such a small movie.

Since reporting this behavior, Wilson stated she has faced vicious and retaliatory actions from these individuals. Despite these challenges, she praised her Australian cast and crew for their hard work and dedication. She explained how she managed to finish the film despite the constant obstacles posed by the individuals she reported.

However, despite completing the movie, Wilson expressed fear that the film might never see the light of day. She shared her worries that the unscrupulous producers might bury the film, squandering the efforts of hundreds of people who poured their hearts and souls into the project.

In her video, Wilson didn’t hold back, describing the behavior of these individuals as vile and disgusting. She pointed out that Amanda Ghost, in particular, has a history of this kind of behavior, not only in the music industry but also affecting people in the film business. She mentioned that many victims are often forced to sign non-disclosure agreements or are threatened into silence.

However, Wilson made it clear that she wouldn’t be silenced. She vowed to speak the truth and warn others in the industry about these unethical individuals.

Her concluding remarks highlighted the gravity of the situation. She stated bluntly that if *The Deb* doesn’t play at Toronto, it will be because of these particular individuals.

This unfortunate turn of events underscores the challenges many face in the entertainment industry, even after achieving significant milestones. Wilson’s determination to speak out and seek justice for her film and its team is a testament to her resilience and dedication to integrity in the creative process.

Source: Deadline