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Recap: Key Events in Kamal Haasan’s Indian 1
Kamal Haasan as Senapathy (Photo Credit: Lyca Productions)

After 28 years of anticipation, fans will finally get to see the continuation of Senapathy’s story following the events of the 1996 film **Indian**. Superstar **Kamal Haasan** reprises his iconic role in the upcoming Shankar-directed **Indian 2**. With the movie’s release just around the corner, fans are reminiscing about the climactic events that unfolded at the end of the first film.

For those unfamiliar, Senapathy is an Indian freedom fighter dedicated to protecting citizens from the corruption perpetrated by those in power. He spares no one in his quest for justice, not even his own family members. By the end of the 1996 film, it was evident that Senapathy’s story was ripe for further adventures and confrontations. As the release of **Indian 2** approaches, here’s a refresher on the earlier movie:

In the original **Indian** movie, Kamal Haasan played dual roles, serving both as the protagonist and antagonist. The story begins with the introduction of a killer targeting corrupt officials. CBI officer Krishnaswamy deduces that the murderer is over 70 years old based on a letter found after the killing of a government official. It is later revealed that Senapathy, an elderly freedom fighter, is the one behind these killings. As a former member of the INA, led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Senapathy continues to fight for people’s rights.

On the other hand, Chandrabose, also known as Chandru, is a small-time broker who facilitates bribery to get things done. It turns out that Chandru is Senapathy’s son, and the two are at odds due to Senapathy’s unwavering commitment to righteousness and honesty. When Krishnaswamy tracks down Senapathy’s house, Senapathy and his wife manage to escape, showcasing his proficiency in an ancient martial art known as Varma Kalai.

The narrative takes a dramatic turn when Chandru, after bribing his way to a job as a brake inspector, approves a school bus with faulty brakes that ends up killing 40 children. Senapathy, enraged by his son’s carelessness, attempts to kill him. By this time, Senapathy has become a hero to the citizens. During his attempt to kill Chandru, Krishnaswamy arrests Senapathy. However, Senapathy escapes from prison and finally kills his son at the airport. Following an explosion at the airport, it is assumed that Senapathy has died, but he later calls Krishnaswamy from Hong Kong, promising to return when the people need him.

Kamal Haasan will reprise his role as Senapathy in **Indian 2**. With the release of the movie’s trailer, fans have speculated about Senapathy’s age. He will portray a 106-year-old man in the film. According to ****, Kamal Haasan discussed his character’s age, stating, “That age has to be determined by the director. I would like to act even when I am 120.”

Director Shankar confirmed that Senapathy is a martial arts master, which explains his ability to perform at such an advanced age. “There is a martial arts master in China named Lu Zijian, who performed martial arts even at the age of 120. He could fly, kick, and do all the stunts. Senapathy, a master of the ancient martial art Varma Kalai, has discipline in his food habits, practices yoga and meditation, and eats only once a day. If you are a master in your craft and disciplined, age doesn’t matter. You can perform any kind of stunt,” Shankar elaborated.

Besides Kamal Haasan, the movie also features Siddharth, Priya Bhavani Shankar, among others. The film is set to hit theaters on July 12, 2024.