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Recap of "Echoes" Season 1, Episode 2: "Jules"

Recap of “Echoes” Season 1, Episode 2: “Jules”

Lucy has taken the teenage girl hostage, demanding answers. The question lingers: does the teenager really know nothing, or is she hiding something? Here’s what unfolds in Orphan Black: Echoes episode 2.

The episode picks up exactly where the premiere left off, with Lucy still holding the teenager captive. She pulls the truck over to interrogate the girl, revealing that her mother’s name is Neva Lee. Despite this tense situation, the teenager manages to flee, prompting Lucy to chase after her.

Elsewhere, Kira places a call to her friend and colleague Josh, hoping to discuss Lucy’s recent erratic behavior. In the first episode, Kira was misled into believing that Lucy killed a mysterious man pursuing her, a deed actually done by Charlie. Unable to reach Josh, Kira leaves a voicemail. She is interrupted when an elderly man bursts into her office. Fans of the original Orphan Black series will recognize him as Felix, Sarah’s foster brother and friend, now aged since the show is set 37 years later. The scene then transitions to the opening credits.

Post-opening, viewers return to the Settlement House where Lucy seeks Craig’s help to get answers from the teenage girl she believes is a younger version of her. After some initial reluctance, Craig agrees to help. We learn that the girl’s name is Jules and that she lost her family in a car accident, now living with an adoptive family. However, she has no memory of life before the crash.

Lucy insists to Jules that they aren’t real people but printouts of the same individual. Jules is skeptical. To prove her point, Lucy unties Jules and shows her a shared scar, but Jules remains doubtful. When Lucy looks for a matching branding on Jules’s arm and fails to find it, Jules uses the opportunity to ask to go to the restroom. She emerges with a sharp object and stabs Lucy before escaping.

Back at Kira’s office, she and Felix catch up before he invites her to a bar. He mentions street drugs sold there, which piques Kira’s interest as she needs them for an experiment. They head to the bar, and Kira explains that she’s experimenting with printing neurons that fail to communicate when transplanted. She believes cocaine might amplify the signal. Felix steps in to secure the drugs for her when she struggles to do so herself.

At the bar, they encounter Kira’s son, Lucas, who mentions he will introduce them to a woman from his religious group at an upcoming blood drive. Kira excuses herself to take a phone call, during which Lucas expresses his concerns for his mother to Felix, who promises to speak with her.

Meanwhile, Tom and his colleague, Emily Pritchett, journey to a remote location to meet Mr. Darros. He questions them about Lucy’s whereabouts. They inform him that Lucy has kidnapped Jules. Mr. Darros emphasizes the importance of finding both Lucy and Jules and keeping the abduction secret from Kira before dismissing them.

Later, an injured Lucy arrives at a house where Jack and Charlie are staying. Jack bandages her wounds, but when Lucy tries to leave, Jack stops her, demanding the truth. Faced with losing Jack, Lucy confesses and takes him to the warehouse where she was created. After revealing everything, she heads to the workplace of Jules’ adoptive mother, Neva Lee, hoping to uncover more information.

Jules returns home and we meet her adoptive father, James, and her adoptive brother, Wes. A tension-filled scene reveals Jules’s strained relationship with James and her involvement in a drug business. A heartfelt conversation with Neva about her past is abruptly interrupted by a phone alert indicating someone has entered Neva’s workplace, who turns out to be Lucy. Mistaken for Jules due to her identical appearance, Lucy gains access.

Inside Neva’s office, Lucy finds a family photo of Neva, James, Jules, and Wes taken on Jules’s adoption day. The hospital in the background is identified as “Beacon Bayview Medical.” Pocketing the photo, Lucy leaves. A TV screen reveals the name of Neva’s workplace as "Currentsy," a subsidiary of "Darros Logistics," indicating Neva works for Mr. Darros.

The scene shifts to Tom updating Mr. Darros about Jules’s return home and their lead on Lucy’s location. After thanking Tom, Mr. Darros dismisses him. Meanwhile, Kira conducts experiments on rats, injecting one with cocaine before placing it in water. To her dismay, the rat dies, prompting her to call Josh urgently.

The episode closes with Jules video-calling her grandpa, inquiring about the scar on her arm. He tells her it’s from a bike accident. After their call, it’s revealed the scene with her grandpa was staged, as he joins a mysterious woman outside the room, indicating deceit.

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