“Recognizing Excellence: Edgar Barrera Named Billboard Spanish Executive of the Month”

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Every last business day of the month, the Billboard Spanish team highlights an industry executive behind a huge success of the last four weeks, be it a single, an album, a tour or a musical event. This is our Executive of the Month for May 2023.

Name: Edgar Barrera

Title: Founder of BorderKid Records (a joint venture with Sony Music US Latin)

Headquarters: Miami

Scope: As founder of BorderKid Records, Edgar Barrera has made sure to create a safe space to cultivate emerging artists, collaborate with them and guide them on their journey in the music industry. “We are a label that supports the talent of artists without putting any barriers or obstacles but that, supporting the art”— Edgar barrera.

Why is our Executive of the Month:
Barrera helped launch the meteoric career of Grupo Frontera, which in less than a year has had six songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in all genres, including “No se va,” “Bebe dame” with Rigid Force and “Fragile” with Yahritza and Her Essence, to name a few. In May, Grupo Frontera reached No. 1 on the international Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. charts for the first time.

Collaboration with Bad Bunny

US thanks to his collaboration with Bad Bunny “a x100to”. He also accomplished a feat not seen in over a decade on Latin Airplay by placing two regional Mexican songs at No. 1 on the chart the same year (“un x100to”, and previously “Bebe dame” with Fuerza Regida, in March).

In your words, how was the collaboration achieved?
Achieving the collaboration with Benito was somewhat easier than we thought it would be because when he received interest that the group wanted to do something with him, it turned out that Benito was already a fan of the group and knew all the Frontera songs well. When there is admiration and respect from both sides, well things happen fast. Also, together with his team, together with (producer) MAG, who knows everything Benito is looking for and what Benito is listening to, we got this together.

What makes this collaboration so special?
The most special thing is that Benito is singing in a genre he has never sung before. In my case, my dad is a cumbia musician too… he has a group called Mister Chivo. So listen to the greatest artist in the world, [Bad Bunny] singing the music that I grew up with and doing it in a way that when he comes in it sounds authentic, when he comes in he does it with his sound and then he joins Grupo Frontera, that’s the most special thing.

What’s next for Border Kid Records?

What follows is supporting artists who are true to their sound and true to their talent, which is what we’re looking for more than anything as a label. That they be real artists like Grupo Frontera, like Alex Luna, an artist whose language is very Mexican in his songs, and like Neeus, a Venezuelan urban artist who is making music faithful to what he likes and getting music that moves him. We are a record label that supports the talent of artists without putting any barrier or obstacle on them, other than that, supporting art.

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