Recognizing the Common Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexual activity has many benefits, but it must also be assumed responsibly.

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Sex has a thousand benefits.

More and more people talk about it without taboos, but just as the achievement of pleasure is essential in this matter, so is health.

Although medicine has advanced rapidly, sexually transmitted diseases and infections remain a challenge and, believe it or not, there is much we can do to minimize the risk: the first step is to inform ourselves.

The global problem of sexually transmitted diseases.

More than an individual and eventual concern that can arise from being irresponsible or careless, sexually transmitted diseases are a huge global problem. The World Health Organization indicates in a 2021 report that more than one million people daily contract a sexually transmitted infection and estimates that, in 2020, there were more than 350 million new infections of one of the four most common diseases of this type, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis. In Mexico, specifically, it is estimated that 30% of adults between 18 and 30 years of age have suffered or are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, according to data from 2019, and by 2021 the growth in terms of transmissions had doubled in relation to the previous year, according to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Secretary of Health.

Identifying symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

Although some diseases can be silent, there are common symptoms to identify the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, which is essential to facilitate the search for timely medical attention and reduce risks.

In the first place, if you suspect any infection of this type, stop relations and see a doctor as soon as possible. The first common symptom that various diseases have is unusual discharge or discharge. In the case of women, not any discharge is synonymous with infection. Dr. Vladimir Galavis, gynecologist and oncologist, the vagina has normal secretions and its normal internal balance. When this is altered for some reason, an infection, for example, a response will be produced with a different, thick flow that can be white, yellowish, or greenish, in addition to being accompanied by a bad smell. Irregular bleeding, outside of the days of menstruation, can also be a sign of an infection.

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As for men, secretions that are not semen or precum are unusual and warrant consulting a doctor. Another symptom to pay close attention to is pain during sexual intercourse. It is not normal to feel pain. In the case of women, it may have to do with vaginismus, a condition that has to do with involuntary muscle contraction, but pain can also be caused by inflammation or irritation caused by an infection. It is not normal to feel pain or burning sensations either when urinating. This can be a symptom of infections such as herpes, gonorrhea or bacterial vaginosis, which causes vaginal and vulvar irritation and also in the urethra. Another symptom that we must pay attention to is pruritus or itching, which, although it can appear in the case of women due to dryness, it can also be a common symptom of different sexually transmitted diseases. Finally, and no less important, are warts, blisters, sores, nuggets, any bump that itches, hurts or burns is worthy of absolute attention, as well as inflammation of the genital area. If in addition to these symptoms, there is fever, chills, abdominal pain, do not resort to a cup of chamomile tea, which according to the grandmother cures everything, go to the specialist.

Preventing and protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

Protecting ourselves is a shared responsibility that tries to take care of our health. Some recommendations that may be useful, in addition to recognizing symptoms in time and seeing a doctor annually, are:

1. Protect ourselves: Condom use is the most widespread and easily accessible protection system. Although it may seem unusual, there are those who feel intimidated by asking their partner to use a condom, and even by buying them. The key is to understand and communicate that the goal is to protect the health of both. In addition, it is very important to talk to your doctor about the existing options, in terms of medications, for those who have a more active sexual life.

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2. Turn to science: Speaking of consulting the specialist, another good idea is to ask about the vaccines available in your country to prevent certain sexually transmitted diseases, such as the human papillomavirus (HPV). Depending on your age and characteristics, the doctor will know how to tell you what is most appropriate.

3. Forget shame: Talking about the subject, educating yourself, having regular tests and having optimal communication with the people with whom you have sexual relations is essential to preserve your own health and that of others. Information is an essential key.

4. Prudence: At different times in life, we may have a more dissipated sexual life, we may not be looking for a formal relationship. That’s okay, that happens, but it’s also good to know that the more sexual partners you have, the higher your risk of getting an infection. Good sense and clear communication can be great allies to take care of yourself.

This article is intended to offer general and educational information on issues related to health and well-being. However, this information should not be considered as a replacement for your doctor’s advice nor should it be used to carry out treatment without medical supervision. is not responsible for any diagnosis made by a user based on this content. If you are concerned about your health, always consult your GP or other qualified healthcare professional before taking any action.


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