Record-Breaking Streaming Series of 2021

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As the year 2021 draws to a conclusion, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve been given to watch on our nightly TV binges. And oh, has there been a lot for the actual TV warriors to take in! Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and other networks are all available. What time do they expect us to go to bed? We have had sex, drama, tension, games in movies and tv series(yes, I’m looking at you, Squid Games), and entertainment like no other.

Major streaming firms are still hesitant to reveal any information on their highly guarded viewing data. The belief is that secrecy gives them a strategic advantage, which is accurate to some extent. However, there are drawbacks to retaining rating data. It’s almost like the streaming platforms are too scared to go head-to-head with each other. Rather than let the figures do the talking for them, they rely on advertising and marketing strategies. However, we have the inside scoop and have managed to nail down the most viewed streaming series of 2021. So here goes…

Squid Games

Netflix was brought to its knees by a Korean drama. One of the most popular fall series follows a young man who enters a $45.6 billion battle royale competition. The bizarre concept, the horrible gore, and the human essence at its core? It’s all part of what makes Squid Game so entertaining to watch.


The Bridgerton family’s eight close-knit siblings strive for love and happiness amid London high society. Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels served as inspiration. Bridgerton was, until recently, Netflix’s most-watched show, as viewers sought refuge from the pandemic by watching Daphne’s blossoming romance with the dashing Duke. The show has received 82 million views and has been nominated for an Emmy Award. Season two is in the works; however, Rege-Jean Page will not be appearing in it.

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Part 1 of Lupin, one of the most critically acclaimed series of the year and the first time a French series reached the Top 10 on Netflix in the United States, was one of the year’s initial hits. Simply put, it appears that word of mouth about a fantastic series—along with likely a lot of local support—turned this excellent story into a significant Netflix triumph.

Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan’s third part of the pseudo-anthology series does not disappoint. The tone of Midnight Mass alters a little from the Haunting series that came before it. Still, with Zach Gilford and Hamish Linklater at the helm, and a flawlessly pious performance by the undervalued Samantha Soylan, the series will keep you awake at night in the best of ways.

Money Heist

Eight thieves abduct and lock themselves up in the Royal Mint of Spain. At the same time, a criminal mastermind manipulates the authorities to carry out his scheme. Netflix’s 2017 Spanish series has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent months, thanks to the release of season five. Season four of Money Heist received 65 million views on the platform, so fans hope for a sixth season.


Sex/Life may have made the list merely because it is a unique series. We don’t often see female-led series with a protagonist going through a midlife crisis. However, critics and audiences alike hated it (it has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 23%), although Netflix maintains it was well-received. Furthermore, this drama is far from over, as a second season has already been ordered.

The Chair

The Chair is a Netflix comedy starring Sandra Oh as the first female chair of an English department at a lower-tier Ivy. The dark and stinging series mocks the irresponsibility of college administrators who are cut off from their students’ lives. It does not, however, allow its students to go without making a scathing remark about a generation that is more influenced by a social media post than by real action.

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Sweet Tooth

A cute half-human, half-deer child searches for a new beginning with a fierce protector on a risky trip across a post-apocalyptic world. Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey executive produce this sci-fi fiction based on Jeff Lemire’s comic book series of the same name. The first season captivated audiences, garnering 60 million views on the platform, and a second season has been confirmed.

Ted Lasso

There has been discussion on the internet about whether we can collectively withstand Ted Lasso’s big dosage of optimism. Still, those who are battling haven’t been paying attention to what is essential. Season One introduced us to perpetual optimism; Season Two has demonstrated how superficial that outlook is. Ted Lasso isn’t the same series in season two. It’s brilliant and human in a way that no other series is. But it’s much better now

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