Records Shatter as Professor Survives 74 Days in Underwater Refuge

University of South Florida professor and former member of the United States Navy, Joseph Dituri, has broken the world record for staying underwater by spending 74 consecutive days in an underwater refuge in the Florida Keys. The previous world record was held by two professors from Tennessee, Bruce Cantrell and Jessica Fain, and was established in 2014.

Dituri’s goal since day one has been to inspire generations to come, interview scientists who study life underwater and learn how the human body works in extreme environments. In his current experiment, he is studying how the human body responds to long-term exposure to extreme pressure.

Dituri, also known as “Dr. Deep Sea”, lives 30 feet deep in a 100-square-foot habitat, where he continues to teach his online biomedical engineering class. The USF said in a statement on Monday that with this new record, Dituri has officially reached unknown territory for science, and his research can have a far-reaching impact, even in space.

His hypothesis is that “if hyperbaric pressure can be used to increase flow, then it can be used to treat traumatic brain injuries and a wide spectrum of diseases.” Before, during, and after the project, Dituri undergoes a series of psychosocial, psychological, and medical tests.

Dituri’s goal is to delve into the conclusions of a scientific study that showed that cells exposed to greater pressure doubled in five days, which could be applied to slow down human aging. In addition, the 100-day mission includes testing new artificial intelligence-based technology tools to detect diseases in the human body and determine if drugs are needed, and studying ways to preserve, protect, and rehabilitate the marine environment.

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