Red Bull Gladiators: date of the Guilty Gear Strive tournament at the Roman theater in Mérida

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Red Bull Gladiators is the new tournament dedicated to Guilty Gear Strive, the new and celebrated fighting video game from the specialists in the genre Arc System Works, an event that will take place in an iconic place such as the Roman theater of Mérida the next October 16, 2021. So much so, that registrations are already open so that applicants can sign up and thus face the best players on the Spanish scene of the fighting games.

Red Bull seeks the ultimate virtual gladiator

This is the first edition of a tournament that seeks to place the Spanish scene at the top of the fighting games in a very special and charming location. During the next few weeks, Red Bull will announce through its official channels who the four professional wrestlers who will participate in the tournament, although from today until next October 15, the registrations are open for everyone, although places are limited, up to a total of 120. The cost of registration for the Open Phase is 10 euros.

“The new fighting games event where aspiring gladiators will have the opportunity to face some of the best fighting game pro gamers in the world,” they detail from Red Bull. Do not hesitate to visit the official website of the tournament for more details on the Red Bull Gladiators event. “In addition to these four professionals, from today anyone can join the tournament to aspire to the four places available for outside players. There will be a total of 120 open slots, and some more that we will reveal later on how to get them ”, detail the organizers.

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