Red Bull Solo Q: follow the League of Legends National Grand Final live on Twitch

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Red Bull Solo Q, the most important one-on-one competition in League of Legends worldwide, celebrates this weekend the National Grand Final. So this coming Saturday 30th of October In 2021, the top 8 ranked players will duel for the precious national title, a crown that has been aspired to by more than 1,300 participants since the national championship started last May 2021.

Show with two Giants members: Jess and Th3Antonio

Thus, the 8 chosen for the National Grand Final are: B0nd9, ArturoSelone, Kamikaze_lol, Detorax12, W1k3r, manumatador, Croxaki and Surentopito. The event will be held in person and live from the GGTech facilities in Alicante, although the entire final can be followed in real time, starting at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 30, from the canal de Twitch by Red Bull ES.

The gala will feature Shiki Kitsune as master of ceremonies, and BebeCaster and ToadAmarillo they will be the commentators of each and every one of the games. Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be played to the best of 3 games, while the final will be to the best of 5. The rules will be as usual: whoever defeats 100 minions first, gets the first blood or demolishes the rival tower.

As a curiosity and to liven up the celebration of the event, the Grand Final will have a showmatch starring two of the Giants stars: Jess and Th3Antonio. Finally, the Red Bull Solo Q National Grand Final will feature the brands AOC and SteelSeries as sponsors, providing all the necessary hardware: from high-performance monitors to peripherals and equipment, as well as headphones, keyboards and mice.

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